Journal Entry – 073 | First Day Back at the Office

First day back at the office after a week off.

Dev team at work surprised me with a teddy bear and balloons to celebrate Baby Caleb's arrival. — I am grateful!

I have a two monitor setup at the office. I did my compliance training by turning off the other monitor. It helped me stay focused on finishing my training session.

I went down to the first floor to use the restroom. My eyes were tired and my neck was tense. As I got into the restroom, I noticed strong heart palpitations and what seemed to be an incoming headache. Usually, when this happens, it's because of eyestrain or not getting enough sleep. This was the first time in a while, that I really wanted to have my Fitbit with me, so I can double check my heart rate. I left my Fitbit at home though, so I have to check manually.

When I got back up to my cubicle on the third floor, I checked my heart rate the old fashion way. I placed two fingers on my neck. After finding my pulse, I used my old-school chrono watch to count the number of beats in a 30-second window. It was 52. After multiplying that by 2, it comes out to 104 beats per minute. So, I don't think the strong heart palpitations necessarily points to an issue with my heart. It was most likely caused by my eyestrain or tension headache.

After work, I picked up Coney and Davin. We drove to the hospital and dropped off Coney, so she can visit Baby Caleb. He's a week old now, Baby Caleb is. Unfortunately, he's still in the NICU. His bilirubin level went back up slightly, from 12.8 to 13.2. He's still feeding well though. The NICU staff doesn't seem to think that he's in any danger. It looks like he just needs more time to develop his liver to help him manage the bilirubin in his body.

Davin threw a tantrum after not wanting to get his diaper changed on the bed. He wanted Coney to change his diaper while he was lying down on the floor. This was easy for Coney to do before. But it's one thing she cannot do yet, while she recovers from her c-section. Davin doesn't understand that though, no matter how many times we tried to explain it to him.

And that's fine. He's a kid and we can't expect him to understand everything we tell him. The key is to just be patient with him.

I've noticed that when I'm really sleepy, or when my eyestrain is really bad and I can't lay down on the bed just yet, my body becomes so uncomfortable and I get a strong urge to pee.

Must be my body's way of telling me I need more sleep.

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