Journal Entry – 070

Should be our last day at the hospital today. The hospital staff was taking awhile with the discharge papers though.

Baby Caleb is still in the NICU and won't be able to go home with us until he gets better.

It is already late in the afternoon and the discharge papers are still not ready. So, we decided that I should go pick up Davin while Coney attends a NICU Discharge class.

When I arrived at the baby sitter, Davin was busy playing on his iPad. When he finally saw me, his face lit up. He ran toward me and gave me a hug. Then he immediately started talking about the game he was playing. It was really good to see him again after spending three nights at the hospital.

After picking up Davin, we drove back to the hospital to pick up Coney. Then we drove to the pharmacy to pick up Coney's pain meds. Then we picked up dinner. After a quick dinner, it was time to drive my brother to the airport.

At this point, Davin was already reluctant to go anywhere. He was probably just wanting to stay at home. After all, he has been away from home, and from us, for three nights already.

Anyway, we pushed on as my brother was going to be late for his flight. Davin cried as we were trying to get him into the car, but we still had to go. The drive to and from the airport was uneventful. Back at home, Davin said he wanted to go to Target. It was already late at night though. We told him we would go the next day. He wasn't having it. I had to carry him while he cried for a good 15-20 minutes, until he finally calmed down.

Managed to find some time to play Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

And after all that, it was good to finally sleep at home once again.

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