Journal Entry – 069 | Day 3 at the Hospital

Another day at the hospital. Baby Caleb is still at the NICU. I tried taking a shower at the hospital the day before and made a mess. Puddles of water everywhere. So this time around, I decided to go home to take a shower. While I was home, took the time to fix the clogged sink. Also took out the trash. After finishing up at home, I went to pickup cupcakes that Coney ordered for the nurses at the hospital. Then it was back to the hospital.

Me and Coney ate our lunch by the window. We entertained ourselves by watching the hilarious parking lot battles that ensued at the offices below.

Without Baby Caleb in the room with us, there was nothing for us to do. So we sat by the window and tried to enjoy the view.

I left Coney sometime later to attend Mass at the church near our home. The church was packed, which was a good thing, considering how other churches had to be closed because of the corona virus. We were lucky enough to be able to celebrate Mass in person.

This turned out to be the last Mass I attended in person in 2020. Keeping churches packed turned out to be a bad idea with the pandemic raging about.

After Mass I drove back to the hospital. Me and Coney ate dinner by the window. We then played some card games and surprise surprise, Coney beat me in a game that she was playing for the first time. Always seems to happen. 🤷‍♂️

Baby Caleb at the NICU underoing photo-therapy. Before going to bed, we payed Baby Caleb a visit at the NICU. His jaundice level went from 21 down to 15, which was great news! He was also feeding really well according to the nurse. Another bit of good news.

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