Journal Entry – 067 | Baby Caleb's Arrival

Empty hospital bed

Dropped off Davin at the baby-sitter, then it was off to the hospital.

Got to the hospital at around 8:38 AM. After a slight delay getting checked-in, we got to the labor and delivery room at around 9 AM. In that room, they had to check Coney for a number of things. After waiting for all of that to finish, they were finally ready to get her c-section done.

Her OB was running late, which means the surgery was running late as well.

One mistake we made was to not bring snacks. Coney had to fast, so she had no choice. I didn't need to fast and I was starving. I was starving while we waited for them to get started on the surgery.

It was finally time to get the c-section done. While waiting outside the operating room, I wondered what was taking so long. I expected them to have called me in already. It turns out, my wife's OB wasn't even in the OR yet, duh.

OB finally entered the OR...

2-3 minutes after he entered, I was called in.

This was my wife's 2nd c-section, so I was much less nervous inside the OR. I was even able to take in my surroundings. When Baby Caleb came out, I resisted the urge to take photographs of him like a crazed dad. When he was handed over to me, I didn't feel dizzy or anxious like I did with Davin.

Baby Caleb came out with a head full of hair!

As they were finishing up on Coney in the OR, I accompanied the nurse and Baby Caleb to our room. They had to run through all the tests and documentation for a newborn. Baby Caleb was born a full pound heavier than Davin. No wonder Coney's tummy was so big.

Baby Caleb right after getting the full check-up from the nurses.

Coney was wheeled back into the room 20-25 minutes later.

After a few hours...

We were finally moved to the post-partum recovery room. Coney picked a good one. It is spacious, with a separate adjacent room for visitors to hang out in. This room had a great view of the city.

Baby Caleb's blood sugar was up and down during the first few feedings. Coney was also drifting in and out of sleep. So, I got to feed and change Baby Caleb's diapers all by myself. Sometimes the nurses would help if they were in there. That's something that I didn't get to do with Davin, because he was quickly taken to the NICU just a few hours after his birth.

Pediatrician visited Baby Caleb, which was a good surprise. It wasn't Baby Caleb's pediatrician though. It was another doctor who was doing the rounds for their clinic. He was really good with Baby Caleb. We liked him.

And he drove a nice looking Porsche Macan S. I know, because I spotted him arriving at the hospital parking lot before he showed up in our room. 😄

My mom and brother visited. They brought much needed food and water. My mom started a Facetime call and showed off Baby Caleb to our relatives in the Philippines.

Here ends my journal entries for Day 1 at the hospital. I'll end this post with a photo of Baby Caleb resting with Coney.

Baby Caleb resting with Mom

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