Journal Entry – 065

Starting to get stressed out. Coney is having her c-section in a few days. We are bringing a new life into this world. I hope that we don't mess up.

Harness height is maxed out on Davin's Britax convertible car seat.

Finished watching The Last Ship. Not a bad ending, though I felt that it was rushed or was somewhat incomplete. I was left with questions like, what happened to the characters after the final battle? What happened to the world after the final battle? Who was the Captain of the Battleship that was hunting down Chandler? Which country did that Battleship belong to? Why was it hunting him down? So many questions, but no episodes left to answer them. On the bright side, it was nice to see old characters make a cameo at the end. Overall I think it was a great show. A good combination of fiction and a depiction of real life in the US Navy.

Took Davin to soccer class. Davin still needs to work on the idea of kicking a ball between cones. He gets it, but sometimes loses focus and ends up knocking the cones over. I don't blame him. In their earlier classes, they were taught to knock down the cones with the ball. Anyway, he just needs some practice.

Today was the first time that they played a team game — red team vs green team. Davin was paired with Coach Robert, while Hector was paired with Isabel. During the game, Davin was so passive. He didn't understand that the objective of the game is to steal the ball from other players and score a goal. We need to buy him a soccer goal for our backyard, so we can practice attacking and defending.

After soccer class, we went to Buy Buy Baby to pick up some more items for Baby Caleb.

Finally started watching Crash Landing On You. Son Ye-jin looks like she hasn't aged a day since I last saw her on Personal Taste years, almost a decade ago. Hyun Bin on the other hand looks like he has matured — probably due to his time in the army. He no longer looks weak and skinny.

The show is pretty good. The acting is good. The dialogue can be funny at times. And as usual with K-dramas, every episode ends in a major cliffhanger. Looking forward to watching more episodes of this show.

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