Journal Entry – 059

We returned the damaged glider to Amazon by dropping it off at a UPS store. I like this option because all I needed to do was get a return barcode through their app, then drop off the product in the original packaging. Didn't have to print a shipping label or prep the box for shipping. Just bring the box over, show the barcode and you're done. It also helped that I had a trolley to move the box around.

The trolley I mentioned above, is one that I bought from Costco. It is proving itself to be useful. I've used it for moving around various items — from heavy exercise equipment, to heavy furniture, to heavy shipping boxes, to heavy packages of water bottles. It has been a good buy.

We returned the Chicco Keyfit30 infant car seat. Coney just could not get over the crappy canopy folding/rolling mechanism. I don't blame her really. As one online reviewer said, “It is a piece of crap.”

So, we bought a Britax B-Safe Ultra infant car seat as a replacement, thinking that we could re-use Davin's old Britax B-Agile stroller. Well, we were wrong. I could not find replacement wheels for the stroller. But more importantly, I could not find replacement infant car seat receivers for the stroller. This means that we could not attach the infant car seat to our old stroller. So, now we have to return the car seat again and replace it with a travel system. /)_–)

Between the returned glider, the returned Chicco car seat, the Britax car seat that needs to be returned, I was getting frustrated. I had to wash lots of milk bottles too. As my frustration was boiling over, I remembered a lesson I shared online about a perspective shift; a different way of looking at things. Instead of getting frustrated at having to return another car seat, I need to look at it as, I get to return a car seat. I'm lucky enough to have another kid coming that I get to look for another car seat and stroller. Other people could not have kids even if they want to. From this perspective, I should be grateful.

Picked up my brother from the airport. Davin was along for the ride but fell asleep before we even got to the airport. By the time he woke up, we were already home. He was not happy about that. Whether it was because he didn't see the airport at all, or that he wanted to sleep some more in the car, we don't know. But next time, we need to remember to wake him up at our destination if a similar thing happens.

I don't know why, but I've suddenly gotten the urge to learn how to speak Italian.

Took a long nap after work, which meant that I couldn't go to sleep early enough that night. So, I stayed up and watched Cars 3, then Cars 1 with Davin. Those movies are so good!

I'm also officially joining the #100DaysToOffload challenge with this post. I previously did not join because I could not commit to writing a new post everyday. The updated rules make it more doable for me, so here I am.

This post is Day 1 of my #100DaysToOffload challenge. Visit to get more info, or to get involved.

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