Journal Entry – 057

Have the day off because of a doctor's appointment in the afternoon. Woke up fine. While shaving though, I turned my body slightly to the left and somehow triggered lower back pain. It was pretty bad. It was like my whole lower back tightened up and I couldn't move. And it started to affect my breathing. I had to calm myself down to relax my back muscles. Because dude, I did not want to get stuck in the bathroom with just a towel on. Or have to call 911 for that matter because I couldn't move. But seriously, it hurt pretty bad for awhile.

I weighed 192 lbs. at the doctor's clinic. Fates![1] I need to work on losing weight. Anyway, my blood pressure was normal and I had blood work done. For the blood test that checks your liver and kidneys, you don't have to be fasting. For the cholesterol test though, you have to be in a fasted state.

After my doctor's appointment, we went to my Chiropractor to get my back checked. Always feels great after getting adjusted. And my back felt a lot better too. He also said my left SI joint was off, which is what was causing pain while sitting and while driving.

Davin getting an adjustment

It was also the first time that Davin allowed himself to be adjusted. FYI, when doing adjustments on small kids, there is no popping or forced push going on. The Chiropractor applies pressure and holds it for a set amount of time. Davin was comfortable the whole time.

After the Chiropractor visit, we went to get some food at Chuy's. Davin ate a lot of the chips. Though he didn't want their delicious creamy Jalapeño sauce.

I'm already tracking my food and weight in a separate journal/notebook. I'm thinking I should start tracking my exercises/workouts too. That way, in addition to what I ate, I can also see what exercises I did and how it affected my weight.

Updated my 401K investments. Went with an aggressive 90% stocks and 10% bonds asset distribution. For stocks, I went with VFIAX because it is an S&P 500 index fund and has a super low 0.04% expense ratio. For bonds, I went with VBTLX because it is a total market bond index fund and also has a very low 0.05% expense ratio. The idea to go with these funds came from the book The Simple Path to Wealth, which I reviewed last March.

Note: I wrote down the entries above on my bullet journal, months ago. Had I known that a pandemic was coming and that it was going to crash the stock market, I probably would have chosen a less aggressive asset distribution. But it's done and I'm not gonna waver. If I learned anything from the “The Simple Path to Wealth” book, it's that the stock market always rises back up. I just need to be patient and ride it out.

“Invincible Summer” by Dangerkids is a really good song. Here are the chords to play it:

Verse: Ebm - B - C#
Pre-chorus: B - C#
Chorus: F# - C# - Ebm - B
Bridge: Ebm - F# - C# - B

[1] Fates is an expression I picked up from the book "The Shadow of What Was Lost."

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