Journal Entry – 056

I find that working out with free weights stresses my body in a good way. I get a similar but less potent feeling when working out with the Total Gym. I don't get the same feeling when working out with the Bullworker. Does it mean that it doesn't work? No, it works. I can see myself getting stronger on it. It just doesn't feel like I'm working out. I feel that working out with free weights like dumbbells are the way to go.

I'm also starting to be more selective of the exercises I do. I try to do ones that mimic everyday movements. If an exercise moves my body or uses my muscles in a way that will never happen in real life, I'm going to skip it.

We were supposed to get the Kullen dresser from Ikea. When we finally saw it in person, we found that it was smaller than expected. It was also cheap because they decided to do some cost cutting on the roller mechanism for the drawers.

Attended Davin's Soccer class. I was worried that the class was going to get cancelled again, because the field was empty when we arrived. Turns out, no one signed up for the prior classes, so Coach Robert didn't set up the field yet before we arrived. Then I was worried that Davin was the only one enrolled in the class. Thankfully other kids showed up soon enough. There were 5 kids in total when the class started.

Davin still has issues staying focused. Often, he would glance back at me and Coney in the middle of class. He would also look back, waiting for approval/recognition when he accomplishes something on the field. In one instance, after successfully knocking down a cone, he looked back to ask for a celebratory high-five. When Coney told him he'll get one later, he ran toward her anyway to get a high-five. Other kids in the class didn't seem to be doing this. I can't tell if he's starved for attention (seems unlikely), or if he's just used to us always looking over him when he does something noteworthy. I think it's the latter. So, we probably should cut down on the number of celebratory high-fives at home.

After soccer class, it was back to Ikea to buy the Malm 4-drawer chest. This one was a lot nicer and slightly bigger than the Kullen dresser. And there was no cost-cutting on the rollers for the drawers.

I decided to build up the dresser that very same night. Davin was trying to stay awake until I finished building it. He was watching Cars 1. He started nodding off just as Mack, Lightning McQueen's transporter, started nodding off in the movie LOL!

At Church, I was looking at other dads doing prep work for events after the mass. It made me miss my college days when me and my friends participated in the same kind of Church activities. It was a good way to spend time with other people. Once Davin and Caleb are old enough, I'm going to join a group or organization at our local parish.

Note: The entry above was written months ago, way before the country went into lockdown due to the pandemic. So, no, we weren't going to Church to attend Mass.

After Mass we decided to buy another smaller dresser from Ikea. We bought two of the Malm 4-drawer chests the night before, but it turns out having two of them side by side takes up too much space. So we decided to return one and replace it with a smaller dresser. Ikea's return process is nice and convenient. You take a number and wait for it to get called. Once it's called, you go to the counter, they will scan the item you are returning and you can get a refund as store credit. Easy.

After Ikea, we went to the Container Store to buy more stuff. Weather was great so we sat on a bench for awhile. Then we got some ice cream from Cold Stone. Davin still doesn't eat ice cream, so we didn't get him one. He's missing out haha!

Again the entry from above was written months before the pandemic. I miss going out with my family. I'm glad we took the time to sit on that bench back then. It's just one of those activities that we took for granted before the pandemic.

The new smaller dresser we got from Ikea is from the Nordli collection. It was more complicated to build than any other Ikea furniture I've ever built. The drawer rollers are some kind of fancy metal contraption. I accidentally scratched my arm on one of them and it immediately started bleeding. It looked good after it was assembled. But I'm not buying another one in the future.

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