Journal Entry – 055

Was working on a Glitch app that can show the most popular posts (most views) on my online journal. To verify that it was working, I displayed the view count beside the post title. I almost got sucked in again into the number of a views a certain post got. Made me wonder why other posts were more popular than the rest. It is a slippery slope that I fear will lead me to writing to an audience instead of for myself. Thankfully, I was about done with the app and was able to stop displaying the view counts soon after.

In case you're wondering, the Popular Posts app is embedded at the bottom of my About page.

After work, we went to a Mazda dealership to look at cars. We were going to cancel that trip because my sister was no longer going to buy a car, but Davin wanted to go, so we went. When we got there, Davin started getting into the driver seats of the various cars in the showroom. There was a white Gen4 Mazda3 AWD Hatchback there that I liked. The rear view visibility though was compromised by the design. Too bad because it was a very good looking car, inside and out.

I spent time fleshing out a post for the fun to drive/fuel efficiency metric that I came up with. After writing the post, I realized that it doesn't seem... useful. When used to compare the Mazda6, Accord and Camry, the Camry had a higher score. The thing is, out of the three cars, I would pick the Mazda6, Accord and then the Camry, in that order. So, spending time writing that post was kind of a waste of time. The problem is that my formula for the metric only takes into account numbers. It cannot take into account how a car makes you feel when you're driving it. I guess that's why Mazda prioritizes driving feel over numbers.

Someone on the feed shared links to tools for making videogames. One of the links is to the MakeCode site. From there, I ended up on the Arcade subdomain, which has tutorials for making simple arcade games. I can use some of the examples on there to make simple games for my two kids.

An idea I had after looking at a blog named mnml, is to create a Glitch app that can serve as an Archive page for my site.

Created an Archive app for my site by remixing the Popular Posts app that I was using before.

Attended my nephew's birthday party. It was a small family gathering at their house. I love small family events like this. Since there's not much people, you actually get to talk to the hosts. That doesn't usually happen during big parties.

Food was great by the way. They served fried chicken, spaghetti, bellychon and cake.

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