Journal Entry – 054

Watched more episodes of The Witcher than I intended to, but damn that show is good! Some of the dialogue the characters have were hilarious. Even Geralt's one liners were funny.

The Bard character, Jaskier, is great as comic relief for the show. Some of my favorite Jaskier scenes were the ones in the episode with the Djinn. There was one scene where he was with Yennefer and he was singing, “Toss a coin to your Witcher, oh valley of p....” You'll have to watch the whole scene to understand, but I laughed so hard at that one.

The songs they composed for this show, the original soundtrack is very good. Even the ones that Jaskier wrote for Geralt were good. Looking forward to watching more episodes.

Our Last Night's cover of Ed Sheeran's and Justien Bieber's “I Don't Care” is so good! I can listen to this all day.

Sister nearly got ripped off at a car dealership. All she wanted was a quote on the car she just drove. But it turned out, she was one step away from signing the loan documents on a car that she wasn't ready to buy. One of her mistakes was telling the car salesman that it was her first time trying to buy a car. It was like blood in the water in a sea full of sharks.

Anyway, one thing to remember about car buying is that as the buyer, you have the power. If you're getting pressured to do something you don't want to, or if anything feels off, you can just walk away. Like literally walk away. If you're getting pressured to do something, just say “No.” If they ask why, just say “I don't want to” and leave it at that.

That last bit of great advice came from Coney by the way. And it works for most everything that someone is trying to sell you on. Somebody trying to get you to join their pyramid scheme, “I don't want to.” Somebody trying to sell you questionable life insurance, “I don't want to.” Somebody trying to get you to join a cult, “I don't want to.” You get the point.

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