Journal Entry – 053

I've found a good use for one of my Field Notes pocket notebooks; I'm using it as a Food Journal. I use to track the food I ate as part of my Daily Log entries, but since the way I use my bullet journal is more like a diary, with some days having big blocks of text/notes or long form journal entries, tracking what I ate can get confusing. By designating one notebook as the Food Journal, I can easily see what I've been eating the past few days. I've also taken to weighing myself and logging my weight every morning. This is to see if what I ate on previous days has led me to gain weight.

I un-followed a popular Personal Finance blog because they post too much. There were so many new posts every day, I could hardly keep up. It made me feel like I was being lazy with my RSS feed, that I wasn't reading any articles, but I was honestly trying to keep up. Recently, they also started doing numerous reviews of credit cards. I hate credit cards, so that was the last straw. I un-followed their site for now. I still need to replace it with another Personal Finance site/blog though.

In our sickness, our weakness, our shame, our sin, our oddness, lots of us feel like this leper (from Mark 1:40-45). We feel as though we're just not worthy. Whatever trouble we are in, we have to come to Jesus in the attitude of worship. He is the Lord and we're not. This is the key step in getting our lives in order: right praise.

Consider the leper's beautiful plea, essential in any act of petitionary prayer: “If you wish, you can make me clean.” He is not demanding; he is acknowledging the Lordship of Jesus, his Sovereignty. “Thy will be done” is always the right attitude in any prayer. – Bishop Barron

A good reminder for how to pray. We cannot demand; we can only ask. At the end of the day, it is still “Thy will be done.”

Family dinner at Red Lobster. There was a notable couple at the waiting area with us. The husband was outspoken. He pointed his wife to a group of teenagers who were seated at a table nearby. They were all looking down on their phones and weren't talking to each other. The husband said something like, “Kids these days.” Then looking at his wife, he said, “That's how you look when we go out for dinner.” His wife looked up for a moment to acknowledge what he said, then quickly went back to looking down on her phone, continuously tapping on it with her stylus. It was a pretty sad scene actually, especially for the husband. What could be more important on your phone when you are out on a date night with your partner or spouse? Thankfully, the husband was undeterred and eventually started chatting up other people in the waiting area who weren't distracted by their phones.

This is the world we live in. We spend our time standing beside people who are in a totally different world than us. It is sad.

I wrote down that entry above months ago. It used to be the world we live in, prior to the need for social distancing caused by the pandemic today. I fear that the practice of social distancing is only going to make it worse going forward. Now we'll be 6 feet apart from other people, with face masks on. Most people will probably be less inclined to make conversation with the people around them and will instead bow their heads down to look at their phones.

Anyway, back to the dinner at Reb Lobster. We ordered Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms and Calamari as appetizers. Their Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms used to be really good, but they have now been outdone by the Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms at Olive Garden of all places. Their Calamari was okay. I ordered their Wood-grilled Salmon, Lobster and Scallops with broccoli and rice. Pretty good though the salmon was a bit dry.

My right shoulder is pretty sore a day after getting a TDAP vaccination.

This is the second time I got this vaccination and just like the first time, my shoulder gets really sore a day or two after. The soreness lasts for 2-3 days. My recommendation is to take this into account before getting the vaccination. If you have to do some important activity where you cannot have a sore shoulder affecting you, I would get the vaccination a week before.

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