Journal Entry – 052

Watched the first episode of Inside Bill's Brain: Decoding Bill Gates. What I learned is that a lot of developing countries are still faced with a sanitation problem. It just doesn't get talked about that much in the news. The other thing I learned is that Bill reads a lot of books, and I mean a lot. I know of the importance of reading, but I underestimated how much books are read by influential people like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

Weighing in everyday, in conjunction with tracking the food that I eat, can tell me if what I ate yesterday, affected my weight today.

An idea for an ASP.NET practice website is to create a food journal website.

I don't feel like playing the card game Friday. Setting it up, or the thought of setting it up is what gives me pause. So, instead of playing it, I ended up playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Also read a little of the An Echo of Things to Come book.

It's 11 pm and Davin was asking for milk, so Coney asked him, “Are you going to sleep after drinking your milk?” Davin replied, “No mom, not today.”


What God intended from the beginning is that our hearts be temples of His presence. So, Christ comes into our world. What does he find? He finds that the temple of our heart is filled up with all sorts of things that are not the divine power. Money, worldly success, the esteem of others, sex – whatever it is, it has now taken the place that rightfully belongs to God. Therefore, when Christ comes into your life, he will always have a cleansing role to play. – Bishop Barron

I guess the trick then, is to let him into your heart in the first place.

The domain represents the problem area you are working within. It is the firm reality of the situation. The domain model, on the other hand, is an abstraction of the problem domain, expressed as a code implementation that represents a view, not the reality, of the problem. – From the book Patterns, Principles, and Practices of Domain-Driven Design

This is turning out to be a really good book. It is an intimidating book though, because it's so thick. However, every time I put in the effort to read it, I always find something new to learn about.

Doing some research on the hard start my car is experiencing. Some Genpu (2nd Generation Mazdaspeed) owners are suggesting that it might be the EGR valve getting partially stuck.

You can't keep saying “This is not the right way to fix it,” without offering a solution. At some point, you have to take the initiative and offer a detailed solution, or you fix it yourself.

If I wasn't a software developer, I'd probably be a SQL developer or a DBA. I just love the challenge of creating queries that gets the data that someone needs.

So it turns out, water got into the solar cells part of the wireless backup camera that I have on my car. I'm not sure how the water got in to be honest. I tested the camera in a drive-through car wash; it worked then. In fact, it didn't stop working until it became colder here, which was weeks after I did the drive-through car wash test. I don't know how the water got in, so I'm just going to return it.

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