Journal Entry – 050

A coworker already spoiled the plot/story for the new Netflix show The Messiah. I'll still watch it, but I would have preferred to not have known any details about the story.

This is the first day where I'm creating a Daily Log page and also already have a Weekly Log page. I'm not sure if I should migrate/copy over the tasks from my Weekly Log into my Daily Log, or if I should just leave them on my Weekly Log page. Copying them over seems to be redundant, however it also makes it easier to look at my tasks for the day since I only have to look at the current Daily Log page. For now, I'll leave the tasks on the Weekly log page and see how it goes.

When they (the Magi) spoke to Herod of the birth of a new King, he tried to use them to destroy the baby. When you walk the path that God has laid out for you, expect opposition. – Bishop Barron

No doubt about opposition, especially in this day and age. Still, stay on your path and let others follow their own path. As long as we treat each other with kindness, we'll be fine.

The wise men came to Bethlehem and gave the child their precious gifts. When you come to Christ, break open the very best of yourself and make it a gift for him. – Bishop Barron

This is why when going to Church, you should dress appropriately. It's not to show off to other people; it's to bring your very best to God. More importantly, this is why in most everything you do, you should strive to do the best you can. Again it is to bring out the very best of yourself. Ad majorem Dei gloriam – For the greater glory of God.

The difference between Thread.Sleep and ManualResetEvent.WaitOne is that the event can be signaled from another thread. This means that it can be woken up before the timeout expires.

Davin was already awake this morning when I woke up. He most likely didn't want to go to the babysitter because Coney yesterday told him he would have to go today. Coney said he didn't cry when she dropped him off, but that he was sad.

For today, I migrated the tasks from the Weekly Log into the Daily Log. It is a bit redundant, but the benefit of doing so, is that I no longer need to look at the Weekly Log since I have all the tasks for the day on my Daily Log. I guess another benefit of doing this Weekly Log to Daily Log migration is that it offers another opportunity to evaluate how important the task is. Like it forces me to ask the question, “Is this task important enough to be migrated into the Daily Log?”

The Grilled Tuscan Chicken Sandwich from Panera is so good!

Modified the Javascript code that adds a response post reminder and managed to get it to add a comment reminder as well. It works nicely.

One of the biggest benefits of maintaining this site, is that it is forcing me to learn Javascript and to brush up on my HTML/CSS skills.

Learned something new today. Firefox has keyboard shortcuts for tabs. So pressing Ctrl + 1 will take you to the first tab, Ctrl + 2 will take you to the second tab and so on. That's cool!

Dinner with Coney and Davin at Olive Garden. Coney mentioned yesterday that she wanted to eat Alfredo, so I took them to Olive Garden. Their Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms were so good. So was the oven baked dish that I ordered, which unfortunately I forgot the name of.

Damn typing that up just made me hungry >_<

Made some progress on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The key to fighting enemies on Dathomir is to be defensive. Don't initiate attacks. Just wait patiently, defend patiently and counter-attack when possible.

Thought about making a Game Log entry for that, but there's not enough content to make it worth it.

My car has been exhibiting some hard-start issues again. This is usually noticeable when starting the car on my lunch breaks. Last night though, it exhibited the same behavior as we were about to go home from Olive Garden. It doesn't seem to be an issue during early morning cold-starts.

This has happened before, the hard start issues with my car. It was never really fixed. It sort of just went away on its own. I credited it to switching to Chevron gas. But I have been using Chevron gas since then, and the issue is back, so it wasn't the gas that fixed it. Maybe I should try the Chevron fuel additives again. I used those before, though if I remember correctly, it didn't really fix the issue.

I have since narrowed down this issue to starting the engine after it's been off for 3-5 hours. If I start the engine in that window, it will exhibit a hard-start issue. But if I start the engine after it's been sitting for more than 6 hours, it will start up just fine, which is why it doesn't have that problem during early morning cold-starts. I still haven't gotten it fixed though. And right now with the stay at home orders due to the pandemic, I barely even get to drive the car anymore.

I'm not a writer, at least I don't feel like one. I don't write words that feels good to read. Nor do they roll off the tongue nicely even if I wanted to. I think of myself more as a thinker. A thinker who writes his thoughts down and shares them online.

Maybe where you are in life right now, is not where you want to be. Or maybe you are exactly in the place that someone else needs you to be for the time being. Maybe where you are right now, is where you could be of most help to a greater number of people. Maybe you are exactly where you need to be, to be of help to someone else.

Davin told Coney that she needs to wash her hands after she used the restroom. Coney replied, “Yeah, mommy needs to wash hands after.” To which Davin then replied, “Yeah, you need to do it, because Davin needs to it.”

That's hilarious!

For some reason me and Coney overate during our dinner. This meant that I couldn't sleep early enough. I ended up playing too much Civilization 6 before going to bed. Need to be careful with this game, it is very addicting.

I remember typing that phrase on previous journal entries more than twice already. It is very addicting!

Davin has learned how to pee while standing up. I had to show him how to do it. Previously, he would mimic Coney and sit on the toilet bowl to pee.

Trying out something new with custom dividers using CSS. Like I said somewhere above, maintaining this site is forcing me to brush up on my HTML/CSS skills.

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