Journal Entry – 049

Started the day by updating the footers on my two websites to make sure they say 2020. Then I finally cleaned up my table. Also replaced the auto insurance cards for the Speed3 and CX-5 with the latest ones. Then I updated my Bullet Journal, added new Future Log and Monthly Log pages for 2020.

Fun board game night with the family. We first played Settlers of Catan. We had my siblings, my sister's boyfriend, Coney, Davin and myself at the table. Davin sat with us during the game. He would go from my lap, then switch to Coney's lap and vice versa. We kept him involved in the game by letting him put the roads and settlement pieces on the board. We actually ended up winning, after my sister's BF made a mistake due to a confusion with the rules for determining who had The Longest Road.

While playing board games, Davin would get startled whenever we would get loud. Like a dice roll in a game of Catan would set off groans or cries or even some screams. Whenever that happens, he would look at me as if asking for reassurance. It seems like he still cannot interpret people's reactions that well. Like he doesn't know if my sister screaming is because something horrible has happened, or if it's just normal behavior when playing board games. I also noticed that he would get distressed whenever I react poorly to a bad dice roll in Catan. When that happens, he would look at me directly and ask me to take him to our room. So, once I realized what was happening, I started to change my reactions to bad dice rolls. This time, on a bad dice roll, I would just smile or laugh, which seems to keep him at ease. On good dice rolls, I would exclaim, “Yes!” and tell him that we got lucky. Eventually he started joining me in celebrating good dice rolls. Towards the end of our game, he started giving me hugs on good dice rolls. He's such a sweet kid.

It seems like aiming to get the longest road in Catan is a good strategy for winning. I think that is because if you have the longest road, chances are high that you have pretty good spacing between your settlements. Which also means that you probably have access to a variety of resources throughout the game. Also, with the longest road, you don't have to upgrade all your settlements just to get 10 points.

My sister unexpectedly won the 7 Wonders game that we were playing. Towards the end of the game, it looked like I, or her boyfriend was going to win, but nope. She had a lot of blue cards that helped her win. There's just so many ways to win in 7 Wonders. I can never find a good strategy to help me win. My sister, she always seems to win in 7 Wonders though. She's just good at it.

I am seriously considering creating a Facebook account just for sharing links to posts on this site. I feel like they (my friends) are simply not going out of their way to visit my personal websites. So maybe I need to meet them halfway. If I end up going this route, I first need to come up with rules to determine who I add to my friends list. I don't want a repeat of what happened before where I got so fed up with Facebook that I deactivated my account.

I want to get a weekly planner to see if using one would improve my day to day productivity. Mainly, I want to use one to plan out when to write journal entries, when to read books, when to play video games, when to watch TV shows, when to exercise, etc... Today, I just go by how much free time I have and decide to do what I feel like doing.

The question I have though is why do I need to get a planner? Why not just add a weekly spread/log to my Bullet Journal? I suppose my answer is, I don't want to write down weekly spreads/logs every week. With a planner, everything is prefilled, all I have to do is write entries.

Coney is starting to have trouble sleeping and she still has a number of weeks to go before giving birth. She was saying that she wants to buy a glider for sleeping. We'll have to look into that.

Replaced the ink on my black and gold Zebra Sarasa pens. To try and make the ink on those pens last longer, I tried using the Pilot G2 0.5 pen on my work journal. Even when I use a paper towel to dab after writing, it was still smearing. So I'm back to using my Sarasa pen on my work journal.

Coney said that Davin is now learning to reason. When she told him that he needed to take a bath, he said, “No, I don't want to.” When my wife asked why, he said, “because I'm cold.”

Then later on, he was sitting on the bed watching a video, he said, “Mom, I feel warm.” Coney asked him if he wants to turn on the fan, he said yes. So Coney turned on the fan. Then Davin asked, “Mom, why you turn on the fan?” Coney said, “because you said you feel warm.” Then he replied, “Warm? Ohhhh!”

Do I really need to buy a weekly planner? I mean I could use my existing Bullet Journal and just add a weekly spread/log. The benefit of a weekly planner is that the weekly layout is already preprinted, so all I have to do is just fill it out. While the benefit of having a weekly spread/log in my Bullet Journal is that I can easily track and move tasks between my daily and weekly logs. The disadvantage is that it is extra work to create a weekly spread/log.

One other benefit of adding a weekly spread/log to my Bullet Journal is that I can control the layout or customize it exactly to my needs. As of right now, most weekly planner layouts are too rigid. The most applicable weekly plan layout is the one that academic planners use, like the one used by Leuchturm1917 planners. The problem I have with it is that the boxes for Saturday and Sunday are small, which are really the days I want to have extra plans for. I don't need the extra space for weekdays, because most of the time, I'm at work from 8-5. I want the extra space for Saturday and Sunday so I can plan my leisure activities.

Busy day! We went to Buy Buy Baby and bought an infant car seat for Baby Caleb. We got him the Chicco Keyfit30 Zip Air. We still have to choose what play-yard to get.

Next we went to Barnes & Noble to look for weekly planners. I couldn't find the one I was looking for, or one that was acceptable. I'm going to try one more search on Amazon for one, otherwise I'm going to use my Bullet Journal as a weekly planner.

Another grocery run at Target.

Dropped off stuff at home, picked up my brother and drove to Mooyah for dinner.

Davin got a new toy from Target, but unfortunately after a few minutes of playing, he already broke a part of it. I taped it up for him and he was happy to play with it again. – The joys of childhood. Amazing.

The Baron Fig Confidant Dateless Planner might be the planner I've been looking for. It seems to fit all my requirements. The space for weekdays and weekends are the same. The layout is preprinted. Sure, I have to fill in the dates, but it also means I can skip dates/weeks and not waste paper in the process.

Created the weekly plan for this coming week. Took longer than I thought it would. And it does take up a lot of space on my Bullet Journal. I made some mistakes on the layout, but I think it turned out alright. If weekly planning on my Bullet Journal becomes a hassle, I will most likely switch to the Baron Fig Confidant Dateless Planner.

Had to adjust Davin's convertible car seat. I raised the shoulder harness and already reached the max allowed height for it. This means he will most likely need a new car seat sometime this year.

Finished watching The Two Popes on Netflix. Pretty good movie. Now I have to do some fact-checking on the scenes that were shown in the film. It is a good movie that shows what happens behind the scenes with the papacy in Rome.

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