Journal Entry – 048

I think it was Facebook who discovered that articles/posts that cause negative emotions, like anger or hatred, are more popular with their users, than articles/posts that cause positive emotions. Basically, people are more drawn to click on links to articles/posts with controversial or contentious titles and content. I see the same thing is applicable to blog posts. Whenever I see a blog post with a controversial or contentious title, it makes me want to read it. Now I wonder if bloggers intentionally choose those kinds of titles to get more views.

Prior to starting a bullet journal, I totally underestimated how many interesting thoughts go through my head during the day. It is pretty cool to look back through my daily logs to see it filled with thoughts on various topics. Had I not been writing them down, these thoughts would have been in and out of my head, like as if they never existed. That includes, this one.

^ Now to be clear, when I say interesting thoughts, I mean interesting to me. They might not be interesting to someone else.

We watched Cars 2 with the family. In addition to Coney and Davin, we had my brother and my sisters with us for movie night. My youngest sister's boyfriend also joined us. Davin was ecstatic that we were watching one of his favorite movies. He kept going on and on about the different characters in the movie while we were watching.

In the afternoon, we went to get old books sold at Half Price Books. We ended up getting $20 back. Better than nothing.

Afterwards, we went for a late snack/early dinner at a new Fuzzy's Taco Shop that opened near our home. Nice place. It was clean and had good spacing. There were lots of TVs for watching sports. I've forgotten how good their Shredded Chicken Quesadillas are!

Then it was back at home and played Civilization 6 on the Xbox.

Coney starts her maternity leave today. That means Davin will no longer be going to the babysitter for a while. I am a little worried about this because one thing he gets at the babysitter that he doesn't get at home, is socialization with other kids.

On the flip side, since Coney and Davin can stay at home, Coney has started potty training Davin. He's wearing underwear right now and was told that if he needs to pee or poop, he has to go to the bathroom. Fun times.

Played too much Civilization 6 today. Damn that game is so addicting. I need to be careful when playing it.

Coney made some progress potty training Davin. He would actually go tell her that he needed to pee. On a related note, I went to Target and picked up a toilet seat for kids, and a stool to help Davin use the restroom.

Even when I have not been on Facebook for over a year, I'm feeling an extra bit of FOMO during this holiday season. The problem is caused by me, expecting my friends to post their Christmas family pictures on Instagram, which they have not. Instead, they all posted their pictures on Facebook instead, /)_–) ... Needless to say, since I only had an Instagram account at this time, I couldn't see their pictures. It is making me consider creating a new Facebook account just so I can go look at their pictures. I don't really want to create a new Facebook account though. I'll wait for New Year's Day to see if some of my friends will post their photos on Instagram.

^ This is one of those moments which eventually led me to creating a new Facebook account last February.

The wireless backup camera in my car stopped working this morning. The monitor will not turn on.

Wireless backup camera monitor turned back on during my lunch break drive. What the heck is going on?!

I'm getting some pretty bad eyestrain right now, which is most likely caused by playing too much Civilization 6 on the Xbox last night.

Quiet New Year's Day celebration. We had food at home. My sister and her boyfriend visited us. At first, Davin was still scared of my sister's boyfriend, but eventually he relaxed around him. Spent the night playing Civilization 6 (again) while waiting for the date to transition over to January 01, 2020. We watched the fireworks on TV, played some more Civilization 6, then went to bed at around 2:30 AM.

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