Journal Entry – 047

Having discovered that we didn't have batteries for Davin's new toy hours ago, Coney ended up having to go to a nearby gas station to buy batteries for it.

After Davin woke up, he saw his new toy, the Ultimate Florida 500 Speedway, but he was hesitant to approach it. Almost like he was scared to play with it as he didn't know it was his. Eventually he did approach it and he hasn't stopped playing it ever since. He didn't even take his afternoon nap.

We opened up our Christmas gifts at around 11 am. Got some notable gifts from everyone, which I'm very grateful for. My wife, Coney, surprised me with an extra gift, Civilization 6 for the Xbox!

Played Civilization 6 on the Xbox. I was getting bullied by the Barbarians, what the heck LOL!

Someone on the Read.Write.As feed was saying that Catholics are wrong and that being a Catholic is being on the wrong path. I wanted to ask for clarification. I wanted to ask the author to educate me on his point of view. There was no malice or sarcasm in this. I just sincerely wanted to know why. Not so that we can argue or debate about it, but just simply for my own knowledge. Unfortunately the author did not provide a way to be reached, even by just email. Now I understand why a number of bloggers believe that comments should be a requirement for blogs. At the very least, there should be a way to contact the author, even by just email.

Anyway, I dug around some more and found what I believe is the author's other blog. In it, it was mentioned that Catholics are wrong for “praying” to Mary and the saints. Ok, now I understand a little better where he's coming from. I believe the confusion here is with the definition of “praying”. Praying is not the same as worship. Worship is due to God alone. Praying or prayers, is a way to communicate or ask for help. Catholics do not worship Mary and the saints, but they are venerated. Catholics ask for help from Mary and the other saints to pray for them, on their behalf. It is similar to when we ask our friends to pray for us.

I'm reading an article about the Essen Motor Show in Germany. Seems like the new A90 Toyota Supra is the most popular car for tuners right now. Everyone is trying to mod it for increased horsepower, as if it needs more power. No one seems to be modding it for better fuel efficiency. Why? If a car is already making 300-400 horsepower, why mod it for more power? Why not mod it in an attempt to improve MPGs without losing power in the process?

^ A few weeks after I wrote that, I came to the conclusion that maybe a car's engine is already tuned for maximum fuel efficiency straight from the factory. So, there might not be anything tuners can do to make it more fuel efficient without losing power. Still, I would like to see them try.

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