Journal Entry – 043

The wife has been sending signals that she's sort of burning out lately. I need to be more mindful of her. Need to look after her more. When she calls for me, instead of asking, “What?”, I should just head over to where she is at to see what she needs.

Tire pressure light has turned on again on the CX-5. There is one tire on that car that loses air faster than the rest. I cannot wait to get that tire changed. I need to wait until the tires drop down to 4/32” of tread depth before I replace them though.

Took cough meds this morning, but it hasn't really stopped my urge to cough. So now I just took some Allegra-D. – The idea here is that postnasal drip is what is causing my cough and Allegra-D is supposed to help stop postnasal drip. At least, that's what my doctor said.

One benefit of having a Search page for my blog is that I can decrease the amount of hashtags that I add to a post.

^ What a coincidence that I am writing this down now, considering I spent the last day or two trying to clean up the hashtags on my posts. I previously used numerous hashtags as a way for me, to quickly find posts. After figuring out the search options for this site, I feel like I no longer need to add too many hashtags on each post. I can just use the search page instead.

Without my Fitbit, I don't get reminders to move. The result is that I'm more sedentary at the office.

I shouldn't wait to start a daily log entry on my Bullet Journal until lunchtime, because if thoughts and ideas come along before then, I won't be able to write them down yet. This is where a spare notebook can come in handy. Another alternative is a digital notebook, or just a plain old text editor on my computer. – Note that what I'm really trying to avoid is using my phone for writing down notes. The more I can avoid having to use my phone for daily activities, the less distracted I will be.

Just had a flashback to when I was still a teenager. My home PC's monitor broke down so I couldn't play games, or more importantly, do school projects. I asked my dad to have it fixed, but he said that we couldn't get it fixed right away, that I had to wait for a few days. I was furious and made a big fuss; I basically threw a tantrum. Looking back on it now, I'm surprised that my dad didn't get mad at me then. I would have been angry at me, if I was in his place. Now I wonder when something similar will happen to me and Davin. Will I be as patient with him as my dad was with me?

Have finally caught up on The Mandalorian episodes. Minor spoiler alert here... X-Wings make an appearance on episode 6.

The Rhodia Goalbook seem to be a good option to use as a Bullet Journal. It comes with numbered dot pages and 2 ribbon markers. – That makes it a better option than Moleskine notebooks, which don't have numbered pages and only come with one ribbon marker.

I'm starting to feel like I have too much stuff to read. My inboxes are getting full. There is a backlog of Aeon articles that I have not been able to read yet. And I have not checked Feedly in a long time. I need to regain back control of this part of my life.

To check whether a WCF service is up and running, you can use the WCFTestClient application. It is usually found inside the Visual Studio installation folder, under the “Common7/IDE” folders. – This is really supposed to go into my dev blog but I'm short on time these days, so I'll just stick it in here for now.

We can only type so many words in a lifetime. Why waste them by using them up inside a social media platform/walled garden where it will just be forgotten? You should instead put them on your own website, where it can be searched, linked to and bookmarked.

I just realized that I could follow the Read.Write.As feed in Feedly. That might be a better way of consuming the feed as I can mark posts as being “read” and hide other posts that don't interest me. Also makes it easy to bookmark/save good posts.

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