Journal Entry – 041

On the way to the car wash today, I finally opened up the engine. Went WOT and it felt good! The car is feeling good. It feels fun to drive my Mazdaspeed3 once more.

I've been on fire today, writing code and sending them for code reviews left and right. I've accomplished a lot (at work) this year actually. I worked on the move from MongoDB to Azure. I've helped with the work for the 1.5 Core Team. Now working on this new stuff with Debit Cards. If this doesn't get me a raise, I don't know what will. Might be time to move on if that's the case.

I think I know why the Bullet Journal is a more effective reminder/to-do tool than a smartphone, it is because with the Bullet Journal, if you don't complete a task, you are forced to migrate that task to the next day. That means you have to write down the same task for the next day. If you didn't finish the task for 5 straight days, well guess what, that means you will have written down that task 5 times on your Bullet Journal. And you have to write it down again for the 6th time on the next day. At some point you will either just get it done, or you will realize that the task is not worth doing.

Jurassic Quest was different this year. There were less dinosaur exhibits overall, but they added an ancient aquatic monsters exhibit featuring the Megalodon. Davin was less interested in the dinosaurs exhibit this time around. He was more into the dinosaur rides that was located in the adjacent building.

Before going home, we allowed Davin to play in a bounce house. He didn't want to go home, but thankfully, the bounce house attendant didn't have any qualms about catching him and getting him out LOL! Now outside the bounce house, he still didn't want to go home, so I had to carry him out to the exit. We had to bribe him and said we were going to Target, just to get him to agree to go home. He was in a bad mood in the car until he noticed that we were finally on our way to Target. – Davin loves dinosaurs and loves going to Target.

At night, Davin's nose was running a lot so we gave him some allergy meds. It stopped his runny nose but it also made him really congested. He was miserable going to bed. It took him a long time to fall asleep and he had trouble staying asleep. Next time we'll avoid giving him those meds before sleep time.

A dot grid journal makes it easier to draw lines. Maybe my work journal should be a dot grid notebook? – Nah I'm sticking with a ruled notebook. A dot grid notebook helps if you have to draw a lot. I don't do that much on my work journal, apart from drawing the daily plan boxes, which I've decided to stop doing. So I think I'm good with a ruled notebook.

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