Journal Entry – 040

Bishop Barron was a guest on Episode 827 of the Mind Pump Raw Fitness Truth Podcast. It is an amazing podcast episode! He answers all kinds of questions about God, Christianity, the Bible, etc... – Wrote about this in a little more detail in this post.

Science or Scientism is just one way to know reality, Philosophy is another and so is Theology/Religion. – Bishop Barron

In other words, science can't explain it all. This was talked about in the podcast I mentioned above.

Took the day off from work because I wasn't feeling well. Luckily, my wife had the day off too, so I got to spend the day with her and Davin.

Took another day off because I was still sick.

The CX-5 didn't want to start this morning, so my wife had to ask for my help. That meant that Davin saw me as I got in the car to try and start the engine. (More on why that is notable later.) The CX-5 eventually started after a long press of the START button. – Typically, with Mazdas equipped with the push START button, you can press the button up to 10 seconds before trying again.

No idea why the CX-5 had trouble starting this morning though. It has a pretty new battery, so it wasn't that. The lights were also turning on. It was cranking normally, so I think it was an issue with the engine itself. Like something was clogged somewhere. I should look for engine codes using the UltraGauge I have lying around. – Had I not read this entry again, I would never have remembered that I totally forgot to check for engine codes. It has been months since this happened, so I'm not too worried about it now.

Picked up Davin from the babysitter and thankfully he wasn't mad at me or my wife. My wife said he didn't want to get out of the car when they arrived at the babysitter this morning. That is usually what happens when he sees me before getting dropped off at the babysitter. My wife felt bad because she had to sort of get angry at him just so he would stay with the babysitter.

Late birthday dinner for my Dad at one of our favorite Asian buffet restaurants. Their Crab Meat Sticks with the sauce was really good. The Fried Rice was also good. So was the Stir Fried Crab and Creme Brulee. Davin was so talkative at the restaurant that he ended up getting the hiccups LOL.

I'm thinking that it is inefficient to have a separate work bullet journal and personal bullet journal. I'm thinking I can use just one notebook for work and personal stuff. Maybe even replace the work bullet journal with just a Planner?

Why a Planner? What I'm trying to get at here is that on my work bullet journal I typically have to create/draw a box with hourly timestamps on them, just like those you would typically find on a planner. I have to do this every morning when starting my day as part of my daily planning at work. It is repetitive stuff that I think can be avoided with a daily planner.

I still haven't tried to do this since I have not run out of pages yet on my work bullet journal. Also, I was gifted a new Lord of the Rings Moleskine notebook last Christmas, so I might just use that as my next work bullet journal. I'm also considering scrapping the daily plan altogether on my work bullet journal and instead just list down scheduled events, or list them down as they happen. We'll see.

It is okay to question God or His existence every now and then. It is okay because when you are down, knee-deep in shit and you need His help to pull you back up, you'll realize that you actually believe in Him.

An idea I had for tracking what food I eat at dinner time, is that instead of bring my phone with me to the dinner table, I should have something nearby that can record what I ate for dinner. Either I leave another notebook and a pen nearby, or a backup/secondary phone to take pictures with would work too.

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