Journal Entry – 038

Why doesn't Jesus just cure everyone? I think that blindly doing so, (forgive the pun), would not bring people back to God. I also think that at times it is not Jesus doing the healing, but a person's faith that determines if they get healed or not. This is not to say that Jesus or God does not have the power to heal, but that He lets people choose to believe, so that they can be healed.

Instead of keeping a pinned Bookmarks page, maybe I should just use bookmarks hashtags instead. – Yes, I made that change eventually.

Instead of playing Stars Wars Jedi: Fallen Order last night, I ended up playing XCOM 2 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2019. – This highlights the need I had for planning my leisure activities back then.

Davin has taken to calling me Mufasa lately. He calls my wife Nala. And he calls my brother Scar LOL!

I'm trying to use the Ate app as a food diary, but lately I keep forgetting to use it before eating. It is especially problematic at home because I leave my phone in the room; I don't carry it around the house. To make it work at home, I would have to bring my phone with me to the dinner table, but that kinda goes against my practice of digital minimalism.

I think I should start using one of my empty Field Notes pocket notebook as a food journal – This was because I was still struggling to use the Ate app for logging what I eat. The app is fine when I'm at work, because my phone is at my cubicle. But like I said above, it is a problem at home because I avoid carrying my phone with me, especially to the dinner table.

The biggest reason to list my blog and have my posts show up on the Read.Write.As feed, is because somebody else might find what I wrote to be exactly what they needed to read at that point in their lives. That's just like how I found Jake Knapp's Six Years With a Distraction-Free iPhone post, which was instrumental in helping me fight my smartphone addiction and get off Facebook. If it wasn't shared on Medium, I probably would have never found it.

This is not to say that everything I write is spectacular, but maybe, just maybe, one or two posts could help improve someone else's life.

To test customizations to my blog, I can easily create a test blog, since I'm only using 1 out of 3 available blog accounts. – I did this and it is very helpful. There's simply no need to experiment on your own live site when trying out customizations.

I just realized why I like posting on forums; I like sharing knowledge with other people. Sometimes though, I feel like I only reply to threads just to show people I'm knowledgeable about something. – I noticed the latter happening on a car forum that I'm a part of. This is more of that “ego” thing that Inquiry usually talks about. Need to tone it down some on that car forum.

If no one ends up reading your offline journal, then you might as well post some of your journal entries online. Chances are, some of the entries might help other people. Another benefit is that you can throw away your offline journal and still have bits and pieces of it available online. – And now, with Search functionality on this site, I can even search through old journal entries.

The past few posts on my online journal have been links to articles with some commentary thrown in. This is even better than sharing on Facebook because I can quote text from the original article and address them in my posts. When I was dreaming of replacing social media with a personal website, this is really one of the things I wanted to be able to do. – I was talking about what eventually became my bookmarks posts. CJ Eller called it Content Addressable Reading. In my opinion, this ability to quote specific text from an article/post and add commentary to it, is what makes sharing on a personal website superior to sharing on social media sites like Facebook.

Got frustrated with XCOM 2. Some fights seem too difficult, especially when playing in Ironman mode. For that reason, I started playing Divinity: Original Sin 2 again.

Me and the wife finished season 2 of Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. Overall story was good, but seriously some parts of the show seem unbelievable at times. Like as if Jack Ryan and Greer are the only agents available that can do the mission. Even the CIA Station Chief got in on the action, which seems crazy to me.

Bought a wireless backup camera for my car from Amazon. – My car needs two things to make it feel like a modern car sold in the year 2020: a more efficient turbocharged engine and a backup camera.

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