Journal Entry – 037

Was at the dealership to get the rear spoiler on the wife's CX-5 tightened down. – If you have a CX-5 that's been plagued with chirping, squealing noises from the rear, get your rear spoiler checked. In our case, it was loose. In fact, one of the bolts fell off and was rolling inside the interior hatch panel.

Took awhile for the work on tightening the rear spoiler to finish, but our service advisor was making sure the job was done right. Also, he did not ask me to pay for anything. – That's notable because it wasn't simply just tightening down bolts. The service tech had to open up the interior hatch panel and had to fish for the loose bolt that was rolling around somewhere. That was easily a 1-2 hour job that would have cost at least $100 in labor. And the service advisor didn't ask me to pay for it. That is one of the benefits of keeping a good relationship with service advisors. Unlike car salesmen, their livelihood depends on keeping their customers happy. So, service advisors have an incentive to deliver the best possible experience for their customers. If you treat them well, they will treat you well.

The afternoon was spent cleaning up and de-cluttering. We found some more stuff in the shed that we could throw away. We also sold stuff at Little Giggles (which is a kids resale store). We sold Davin's old wagon and crib. We got back $60. – $60 might not seem like much, but it's better than just throwing the stuff away and not getting any money back.

We tried to get Davin to drive his electric car in our backyard. He wouldn't drive it. He'd step on the gas pedal and move it forward just a little and then he would stop. – I think part of his hesitancy is due to the rear tires slipping on the grass. The other part of it is that he is so used to not being able to drive it longer distances, because he only drives it inside the house. Not even sure you could call it driving. This is mostly my fault. I need to make an effort to get him outside with his car.

Played Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Pretty good game. The story seems very interesting. The combat is tough when playing on “Jedi Master” difficulty. – I only started playing on Jedi Master difficulty level because of a review I've read that said, it was the best way to play the game. Well that reviewer was wrong. I dropped the difficulty to a lower level and have since enjoyed the game a lot more.

We woke up late, but still managed to get to church, yay!

The priest during the homily talked about the movie “Saving Private Ryan”. Specifically, he likened the soldier's act of saving Private Ryan to Jesus' own sacrifice to save us from sin. Now, we have to earn it.

Watched “The Mandalorian”* episodes on Disney+. Not bad.

While I'm talking about shows, the Amazon Prime show “Jack Ryan” is ridiculous in that, there doesn't seem to be any other agents they could ask to do the work they need to be doing. – Like seriously, is the CIA that much understaffed that they don't have other field agents that can do the job? From the two Tom Clancy Jack Ryan books I've read, I've never had this issue where I could not believe that Jack Ryan was doing what he was doing. The TV show is a totally different matter. Not that it's a bad show, but it's kinda ridiculous at certain points in the show.

I should start bringing my pocket notebooks to church, so I can write down some of the good points made during the homily. Last Sunday, I had to memorize them so I would not forget before I was able to write them down when I got home.

The wife was able to use the ballpen on my Swiss Army Knife to write on the collections letter. Finally, the pen on my SAK was put to use haha, that felt good.

I have rediscovered Avril Lavigne on Spotify.

The Withings Pulse HR might be a good replacement for my Fitbit Charge 2... On second thought, reviews seem pretty bad concerning the company's customer service and their app. I guess I'll stick with my Fitbit.

A developer passed off a bug to me because they were confused on how to fix it. Instead of doing that, they should have let our manager know, so our manager can then get somebody to help them. – That somebody could have been me, or could be someone else. Part of a manager's job is to assign the proper resources to the problem at hand. If you decide to pass off your work to someone else, you are effectively going around your manager. It is especially important that you go through your manager for critical tasks. Anyway, it was my fault for just accepting the bug that was passed off to me, though I admit to being a little stunned at what just happened and didn't think to say no.

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