Journal Entry – 036

A problem with posting to the Read.Write.As feed is that sometimes I feel like I'm forcing my opinion on others.

I think taking my acid reflux meds at night is better than taking it in the morning. Taking it at night seems to reduce the prevalence of acidic taste on my throat when I wake up in the morning.

We've got a strong cold front coming in (to Texas) and it looks horrible outside. Wind is super strong and temps are going to be below freezing.

Super cold start to the morning. Temps were around 25F when I drove to work using the wife's CX-5.

Need to focus at work today. I'm restricting myself to only posting on my online journal on my lunch breaks. – For the most part, I've been able to follow this rule up to the present day.

I'm thinking I should close down my public Instagram account. Furthermore, I should take the old photos that I posted on Instragram and repost them on my online journal. – As far as closing down my public Instagram account, I did deactivate it. However, I have not actively tried to repost old photos from that account. I might still do that, but it's just not a priority right now.

I've figured it out. I think I now know why I have a hard time writing posts where I avoid talking about my personal experiences. Those kind of posts are from academics, and I'm not one of them. – To be able to write those kinds of posts, where I don't use my personal experiences to explain what is going on, I would have had to do research or tests on other people and write from that perspective. And that's just not something I do on a daily basis. This was around the time where I was trying to figure out why I write what I write and who my intended audience were. As of now, I've settled on writing for myself and using this online journal as a replacement for social media.

I need to enforce a “once a day” limit on my consumption of the Read.Write.As feed. I'm thinking I can view it just once in the morning and call it a day. – I have not been successful with this one. I still check the Read.Write.As feed multiple times during the day, but not in a compulsive manner as before.

The word of the day is “ephemeral”, which means lasting a very short time or lasting a day only.

Why am I trying to seek approval/validation from other people online? All I need to seek approval from is God. – Agreed and that is a good reminder to myself... This thought was inspired by a post I read on the Read.Write.As feed.

I write not because I want to build an audience or have a popular blog. I write because maybe what I write ends up being something important to someone else. Maybe what I write will inspire someone. Maybe what I write is exactly what someone else needs to read.

One way to help you focus on writing for yourself, is to write about the things you wrote on your offline journal. Usually the stuff that gets written down on there, are personal stuff relating to the author alone. – This is more of me working out how to write for myself back then. Whenever I get these kinds of thoughts or reflections, I would quickly dump them down into my bullet journal. It's just one way to clear my head and also understand myself in the process.

Listening to My Chemical Romance is just so awesome and ironically... relaxing (considering how uptempo their tracks are).

I downloaded all of my data from Instagram and deactivated my public account.

My online journal (this site) is a digital representation/extension of a subset of entries from my bullet journal.

An argument for publishing to the Read.Write.As feed: maybe what I wrote is exactly what someone else needs to read.

When I'm trying to explain what I wrote down, when I'm trying to give readers more context, that is a clue that I'm writing to an audience instead of to/for myself. – I have since learned that you cannot avoid an audience if you have a public facing website on the world wide web. So, focus on writing for yourself still, but don't delude yourself into thinking that no one is reading.

Getting the strong urge to buy the new Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order video game. The reviews, the 2 reviews that I've read/seen say that it is a pretty good game. This might just be the break I need since I'm starting to get frustrated with XCOM 2.

I refuse to install Microsoft Teams on my phone, because I don't want to set the expectation that I'm always available even when I'm not at work. That said, the app does have an option that restricts notifications to only certain times during the day. – I still haven't installed MS Teams on my phone. If someone from work really needs me, they can give me a call.

A problem with using a smartphone for in-car navigation (ie. Apple Maps, Waze, Google Maps) is that when someone calls, the navigation app goes to the background. So you can't easily check your ETA or when your next turn is (if haven't missed it already LOL) because the phone is showing the Phone Call UI. It usually is a problem when my wife calls me to check if she should pick-up Davin instead of me. I can only give her a guess based on what I remember the ETA being prior to the call. – Some people might think that I could simply switch to the navigation app once the call is underway. My opinion on that is, it is dangerous to do so. I'm already distracted enough as it is by trying to talk while driving, now I have to fiddle with my phone too? No, I'm not doing that.

So I figured out a way to hide the Stats link from my blog/journal homepage. It's great. Now when I get the urge to check my site's stats, I just don't, because I can't, because the link is not there. I browse the homepage of my online journal and find that there's nothing else to do. I can't check view counts on posts and I can't check my stats, so I just move on and do something else.

One of the reasons I love XCOM 2 is because there is a clearly defined start and end to missions. Once a mission ends, I take it as a cue to take a break from the game. You don't get the kind of “infinite newsfeeds” type of design that can be found in various social media apps.

This is one of the reasons I'm willing to put up with video games, but not willing to put up with newsfeeds in social media. Most of the video games in my collection don't need to hijack my attention to keep me playing all day. I can play in bite sized chunks and still have time to do something else. I cannot say the same for social media apps whose main objective is to keep you using their app for as long as possible.

Here's another good example of “infinite newsfeeds” implemented in video games; Temple Run vs Super Mario Run. Temple Run will keep you glued to the screen for as long as you don't make a mistake while playing. Nintendo on the other hand designed their game with a clear start and end for Mario (when he reaches the flag). Just slight differences in game design philosophy, but in my opinion a massive effect to those playing the game. It tells me that Nintendo cares about the well-being of their players, while the makers of Temple Run don't.

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