Journal Entry – 035

Trying out the use of a Screen Time pass code to stop myself from enabling/using the Safari browser on my phone. – Wrote about this in more detail in this post.

Instead of getting rid of my Fitbit, maybe I can delete my account and the related data on that account, then create a new account using a pseudonym. That way, if Google does indeed harvest Fitbit's health data, there would still be a little measure of privacy, maybe? – Mentioned this workaround at the end of this post.

A problem with not having Facebook is that I cannot view photos of my friends, like if they have a newborn kid, or get married, etc... So basically, I cannot stay up to date on what's been going on in their lives. On the contrary, they can stay up to date on what's been going on with mine, through this site. – And they don't even need to login to anything to see my updates...

Started watching season 2 of Jack Ryan with the wife.

First time ever that Davin sat by himself to get his haircut done. Towards the end, he started getting all squirmy, but he managed to stay put and get it all done. – Good job Davin!

It was the last day of Davin's soccer classes. Amazing to see the progress he's made, from being a shy kid, to one actively running around with a soccer ball among other kids. Can't wait for the next soccer class to start.

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