Journal Entry – 031

Went full throttle in 4th gear on this morning's commute. I felt the clutch slip... definitely felt the clutch slip. My Cobb Accessport reported max boost of 20 psi (max boost for a stock Mazdaspeed3 is around 15-16 psi), but the car didn't really feel like it was going fast. It was like all that boost wasn't getting transformed into power. The car roared, but it didn't really accelerate like it was getting 20 psi of boost.

Whew, got stuck in two meetings where I stood up the whole time. They should put a treadmill in that conference room.

The best place to write is by yourself because writing then becomes an escape from the terrible boredom of your own personality. – John Kenneth Galbrait

Got that quote from a post about the best place to write. I have to read that quote a couple of times to make sense of it, to remember why I wrote it down. It is true in some way. Say for example, you are at a restaurant waiting for your order. You are bored. What would people do nowadays? Most would pull out their phones to pass away the time. What I get from this quote though is an alternative to pulling out your phone. It suggests that writing is one way to pass the time and escape the boredom that you are in.

My sister came paid us a visit. Her boyfriend came along. Davin has for the longest time been scared of my sister's boyfriend, but tonight he was much improved. He was still shy, but he was no longer scared.

You can use the TryDotNet website to quickly test a piece of C# code when doing code reviews.

It's been a long time since I wrote a post about new productivity tips. I've realized that writing posts like that take time, time that I cannot seem to find lately. I've been so busy at work that I cannot find time on my lunch break to write new posts.

Last night we had a family dinner at Uncle Julio's. Davin was seated by the tortilla making machine and he was fascinated by it. I ordered the Honey Chipotle Salmon and it was delicious.

Pope Leo XIII said that once the demands of necessity and propriety have been met, the rest of your money belongs to the poor. Well, I have to say that is a tough act to follow. But, it is a good guide to help determine whether I have already amassed too much money. On a somewhat related note, I need to get myself out of debt so I can better help other people as well.

Digital minimalism has indirectly led me back to God. When I was trying to figure out how to be less judgemental, or how to be content with what I have, I was inevitably drawn back to my religious roots, inevitably drawn back to God.

What if the reason the world is not ending yet, or the reason judgement day is not here yet, is because God wants everyone to be saved?

What if God is holding off on the end of days just to give humanity a chance to redeem themselves, a chance for salvation?

I am glad to see a number of people talking about their faith in posts that show up on the Read.Write.As feed. I'm not alone, even if I'm scared of writing about it. – Obviously, I'm no longer scared now. My belief in God is an integral part of who I am. To maintain an online journal where I don't even mention my faith, would be a perfect example of what I like to call “fake lives online”.

Had a horrible dream last Saturday. I dreamt that we lost Davin because someone went crazy and started shooting kids in the restaurant we were in. Throughout the dream, I was stopping myself from grieving because it didn't seem real, but I was terrified and scared of losing him. I was very, very relieved when I woke up and found him sleeping soundly beside me. I love you Davin and Wifey!

Watched this documentary on Netflix, The Game Changers. It is another documentary talking about how a plant-based diet offers significant health benefits. (The other documentary being Fork Over Knives.) In this documentary, they showcased real professional athletes. The blood test results for someone who ate a meal with beef showed thick cloudy fat. While the blood test result for someone who ate a plant based meal (I believed it was a black bean burrito) showed noticeably clearer fat. This test was done on professional NFL players. I have to say this test looked pretty convincing to me.

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