Journal Entry – 030

Went on a bike ride with Davin after work.

The clutch on the Speed3 is slipping again. It is especially noticeable on 4th gear WOT runs. I've changed the tune to my old Stratified Stage1 tune to hopefully lower the stress on the clutch until I can get it fixed or replaced.

Went on another bike ride with Davin. He kept talking the whole time haha.

Wife told me to let Davin go to the room to get his diaper changed because he pooped. Turns out, he didn't poop, but I didn't know that because I didn't check... I unintentionally scared him when I said that mom will get mad at him if he doesn't get his diaper changed. He reluctantly followed me into the room even if he didn't actually poop.

Turns out he was constipated. It wasn't until past midnight that he was finally able to poop. I felt sorry for scaring him while he was constipated. I'll be sure not to do that again. I'm sorry Davin!

Played XCOM 2 and got my whole team wiped out...

The Hook and Ladder sandwich from Firehouse Subs tastes so good!

A friend of mine told me to check out Scott Hanh. Turns out, he is one of the authors of the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible series of books which come highly recommended by the same friend. I've added those books to my “want to read” list.

Metaphysics is the study of being or what exists.

Use TinyPNG to compress images for the web. – Got this tip from a post here on

Your daily driver is your home away from home, that you can conveniently park right in front of your home. – Gear Patrol review of 2018 Mazda6

That is true, which is why when buying a car that you will drive daily, you should consider splurging on features that you really want or that will make it comfortable in the long run. Comfortable seats and an upgraded sound system come to mind. It should be a place you won't mind being in, just like your home.

Yokohama Advan Sport A/S tires seem like a good option for the wife's CX-5. They are cheaper than the Cooper Zeon RS3-G1 tires that I have on my Speed3, but (based on ratings) perform better in the snow.

Dropped off the Speed3 at the dealership to get the clutch checked. They said I need a new clutch. I decided to get the LUK Clutch Kit and Dual Mass Flywheel from RockAuto. Got the Clutch Release Fork and Flywheel Pressure Plate Bolts from EdgeAutosport. – I'll try to write a separate post for this with links and part numbers.

Turns out LUK, is an OE clutch manufacturer from Germany. So their aftermarket parts should be just as good as OEM, or maybe even better.

Third day of soccer class for Davin. He was much improved as far as his interactions with Coach Robert. For some reason, his left thumb started bleeding during a water break, most likely because he keeps trying to peel the skin on his thumb. Wife managed to put a band-aid on it, which Davin didn't like.

Rented Toy Story 4 on the Xbox. What a really good movie! Davin watched it a little, but he seems to be more interested in watching Cars 3 than this one.

Don't fear failure. Be afraid of not having the chance. – Sally, Cars 3

I love this quote from the Cars 3 movie, which is also another really good movie!

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