Journal Entry – 029

Finally returned the loaner car. Was a little sad to see it go. – All of the entries in my bullet journal for this day are about my final thoughts on the Mazda3 loaner car.

Driving that Mazda3 loaner car changed me. Honestly, my Speed3 doesn't seem as fun as it was before. For some reason, I now get a kick out of seeing a car get good MPG while cruising. – I wonder how much of this “Speed3 doesn't seem as fun” feeling is attributed to the clutch slipping on the Speed3.

Just rediscovered the band The Cranberries on Spotify. Oh man I've forgotten all about their great songs! – They will be featured on my next music log entry.

This has been a very busy week. I needed to finish work by today. I stayed late last Wednesday and Thursday to get as much work done as I could. By Thursday, I was already getting tension headaches. Hard work paid off though as I got everything done today. Now I can relax a little.

Had a dental appointment in the morning. The dentist suggested that I get my sensitive tooth looked at when I get my filling done next year (this year). – I managed to reduce the sensitivity by using the Listerine Sensitivity Zero Alcohol mouthwash twice a day.

Second day of soccer class for Davin. He finally got his Kidz Love Soccer jersey. It was a cool dragon design.

Me and the wife finished the first season of Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. Pretty good show! Looking forward to season 2.

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