Journal Entry – 028

Still stuck in a conference room with other devs, trying to get a feature finished before the deadline.

My car hit 100,000 miles last Monday when I got home. – If life was a video game, I would have gotten the “Drove the same car for 100K miles” achievement by now.

Started watching The Umbrella Academy on Netflix.

Instead of figuring out whether I should work out after I get home, I need to consider scheduling it in advance, like maybe by time-blocking on my calendar. – As of this writing, I have been looking into getting a Weekly Planner to use this year (2020). Looks like I should have gotten one earlier, as this post shows I've had the need for a planner months ago.

“But who do you say that I am?” You who are closest to me, you whom I have chosen. But the disciples don't speak. Are they afraid? Perhaps. Are they ignorant? Probably.

Finally, Simon Peter speaks: “You are the Messiah.” You are the Messiah, the anointed, the long-awaited Savior; but more to it, as Peter says in other Gospels, you are the Son of God, not just a human hero. This is the mystical faith that stands at the heart of Christianity. This is the standing or falling point. To hold this Petrine faith is to be a Christian, to deny it is not to be a Christian. – Daily Gospel Reflection by Bishop Barron

I love how Bishop Barron simplifies it. You either believe in Jesus as the Messiah, or you don't.

Faith is a response to the word of God. It is an acceptance to what God has revealed and spoken. – Fr. James Brent

Which means if someone has not heard the word of God, then that person cannot have faith. Which also means that it is somewhat selfish to not at least try to spread the word of God. People should be given the chance to hear it, so that they can decide whether to believe it or not.

I don't know why I have so many journal entries regarding faith for the month of September. I just remember that I was on fire when it came to reading and learning about faith back then.

Brought my car to the dealership for 100K miles service. Also had the brakes serviced at the same time. They had to order the front brake parts, so they gave me a loaner car, a 2019 AWD Mazda 3 Sedan. It is surprisingly good. I'm actually very impressed with it. – For more on my notes on this loaner car, you can read my first impressions and my final thoughts on it.

Started watching the show Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime. It is a pretty good show. Even the wife likes it. I hope Season 2 comes out before my Prime trial expires. – No it did not come out before my trial expired.

We went to the Nike store at the mall today, to have the wife test fit the new Nike shoes she wanted. She didn't really like the customer service and ended up not buying from them. Davin on the other hand seemed to enjoy walking around the mall.

My mom was trying to teach Davin how to pedal while he was riding his trike, but he just can't figure it out. – His problem is that he pushes both legs at the same time. So he never ends up moving the pedals forward. I've tried numerous times to show him how to pedal, but he just doesn't get it yet. He'll eventually learn.

Mazda3 loaner car averaged 32.6 MPG for the morning commute, which is not bad at all. On my lunch break drive, it barely got to 23 MPG. On the drive to pickup Davin after work, I got around 27-28 MPG.

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