Journal Entry – 026

Any one of you who does not renounce all his possessions, cannot be my disciple.

This is in my opinion, one of the hardest principles to follow as a Christian. This is what separates priests from regular men. We live in a material world and it is hard to just simply give away all possessions. It is especially challenging when you live in a first world country where it is not unusual to have... more. Still I must find a way to at least reduce the number of my possessions. Find a way to live a simpler life.

There was a woman at Panera today asking for donations to help foster care children. I actually didn't really have extra money to donate, but I remember something that my Religious Studies teacher from college used to say, “Giving is not giving until it hurts.” So I gave.

After reading a number of long-form articles on Aeon, I am quickly finding out that I am out of their league. I do not have the time that these people have to research and write their incredibly detailed posts. – Looking back on this I realize I was making a grave mistake. Comparing my posts to what is published on Aeon, what the hell was I thinking?! LOL. I am not an academic and I don't expect my posts to look like it was written by one, I know that now.

I noticed that when I have a browser on my phone, I don't read books even when I have one with me. The temptation to just start browsing the web is too strong and I don't have the willpower to resist. – This is why I ended up trying to find ways to restrict the use of a browser on my phone.

When we place material things in the center of our concerns, we find ourselves caught in an addictive pattern. – Bishop Barron

This is true. Once you get what you want, you'll end up wanting something else, or you'll end up needing to buy something else to complement what you just bought. Example, I buy a bike as means to exercise. Pretty soon I'm buying bike lights, bike racks and other bike accessories. After I'm done buying all of those, I end up thinking, hmm I think I would like a newer more expensive bike. Fork, it just never ends!

People dying in accidents is a consequence of the freedom we have as human beings. Even if God's plan for a person is different, I think it is entirely possible that a drunk driver made his own choice, by getting drunk, and driving drunk, thereby causing an accident that kills someone else. Since God gives us free will, it is possible that He did not intervene because doing so means ignoring said “free will.”

I just had a flashback to when I was a kid, my mom took me to a faith healer to try and get my persistent sore throat and hoarse voice healed. I remember feeling a very weird, pleasant sensation, almost like a warmth coming over me when the faith healer touched my throat. To this day I cannot explain it. I have never felt anything similar that I can remember. Could that have been what some call the “healing touch”? Or was just it placebo, something my mind just created? In any case, my persistent sore throat issues went away and my voice got stronger. So whatever that was, it worked.

If the blessed Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, if even she had to go through losing her son in a very tragic way, how can we mere humans get angry at God if someone close to us passes away? We cannot. Life is not fair. Life is not easy. However, we should try to live life as best as we can anyway.

Stop judging and you will not be judged. Stop condemning and you will not be condemned. Forgive and you will be forgiven. – Luke 6:37

I was looking for some nugget of wisdom that can help me stop judging other people. Well here's one that unexpectedly showed up one day.

Started reading the book An Echo of Things to Come.

We are exceptionally good at seeing the fault in others, but we are exceptionally adept at ignoring it in ourselves. – Bishop Barron

True and I'm guilty of this too.

Wife said that Davin didn't even cry while getting a flu-shot. He even interacted with the nurse. That's a very big improvement from before.

Finished watching Season 1 of the Formula 1: Drive show on Netflix. Really good show! Looking forward to the next season.

This Pentel Energel pen writes well, if only it didn't smear so easily.

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