Journal Entry – 025

We attended mass and got Davin to sit inside with us again. Instead of bringing his metallic (diecast) toy cars, we brought stuff toy versions of Lightning McQueen and Cruz Ramirez. The benefit of doing so is that they don't make a sound when they fall down.

Family lunch at Ninja Sushi & Grill. It was just okay... The ramen was good and some of the fried food was okay. Not as good as Fast Furious though.

Brought Davin to Chuck E. Cheese. We reluctantly allowed him to go into the obstacle course, because he really wanted to. I gave him some time hoping he could figure his way out, but after waiting awhile, I had to go in myself.

I found him standing all alone in the middle of some sort of mirror maze. He didn't look scared, he was just standing there. I guess he just didn't know where to go. I guided him up the steps, through some challenging obstacles and we finally got to the big tunnel that lead to the exit. He did not want to slide down the tunnel, but instead wanted to go back out the entrance.

Davin is a bit scared of slides. I was already exhausted at that point though. Going through an enclosed obstacle course designed for kids is a tough challenge for an adult. At one point I felt like Daddy Pig, who was about to get stuck in an obstacle course. So, no, going back was not an option. I grabbed a hold of him, positioned him in front of me and we slid down the tunnel. I tweaked my ankle going down the slide, because it was too narrow (made for kids), but thankfully it didn't become an issue.

He didn't cry when we left Chuck E. Cheese, but was not happy getting into the car either. When we got home, he didn't want to get out of the car LOL.

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