Journal Entry – 024

Backstreet Boys concert was great! I used to really hate their “hit” songs back in the day, but they sang those same songs differently at the concert. It sounded more grown-up, more mature, it sounded way better in my opinion.

On a related note, the wife found some really good parking at the event. It was called “Gold Parking”. From the parking garage, you can walk right into the American Airlines Center.

When I started my car this morning, there was a stinky smell coming from the AC. The kind of smell that the AC gives if you leave it in “recirculate” mode before turning the car off. This is a little concerning since I just had the AC fixed, though chances are, I probably left it in “recirculate” mode when I turned it off.

When you get invited to a wedding/lunch/dinner/party, don't sit at the best table. Sit at the far end or the ones that are neglected. Let the host decide to move you into a better table if he/she wants. Besides, those good tables might already be reserved for someone else. – Got this idea from today's Gospel reading, Luke 14:1, 7-14.

Some developers are arguing/debating behind my cubicle on how to implement a script. I'm waiting to see who is the Gunther, which is something I picked up on while watching a Grey's Anatomy episode LOL.

An idea I had is that instead of “liking” a post, type out a comment with the intention of starting a conversation.

Exercised last night using the Total Gym. It felt good to be able to do a full body workout. The trolley I got from Costco came in handy as I used it to move the heavy Total Gym equipment from the garage and into the house and back.

If work was supposed to be fun, can we really call it work? Few people are fortunate enough to find fun jobs that they really love. – Looks like this was the seed that was planted which turned into this post.

If your privacy is compromised, then the people you are close with, the people you are connected to are also at risk. You can tighten up your security and privacy settings all you want, but if you are “friends” with someone who just doesn't care, your privacy and everyone else's for that matter are still at risk.

Years before CSI showed TV viewers how they investigated weapons using ballistics, Tom Clancy already described the process in his book, Patriot Games. It is a pretty good read, and I'm nearly done with it.

Why I stopped using Facebook reason no. 3, I felt like I was showing off. If you stopped posting about material things, what is there to post about every day? – These thoughts eventually turned into this post.

Davin started humming on our drive home from the baby sitter. He loves to hum, but he usually only does it at home.

Social media has made us lazy. Instead of you actively reaching out to me to find out how I've been doing, it is now my job to tell everyone else what I'm up to. I think that's weird... – Case in point, this journal entry. Though to be fair, regardless if my friends read my journal entries or not, I find a certain kind of happiness that comes forth from being able to just write my thoughts down and share it to the world.

Listened to Bishop Barron's podcast with Jordan Peterson. What a captivating discussion between two great thinkers! Some of their discussions were hard to follow, like two academics who are so above my level. Yet, I couldn't stop listening to the two of them talk.

I wasn't reaching anyone when I shared links in social media. It was like the people in my friends list, did not share the same interests as me. It was like sharing into the void. – Huh, I totally forgot that I wrote that. Funny how some bloggers nowadays think the same with their blog posts. I honestly feel like I reach more people with my posts on my own website, than when I was on social media.

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