Journal Entry – 023

Didn't go to work because of a stomachache. I ate pizza and drank almond milk the night before. Maybe almond milk and pizza don't mix well?

Spent most of the day sleeping and playing video games and did some reading too.

The Society of Jesus is notably mentioned in Tom Clancy's Patriot Games. I did not expect to read about them in a military based novel. – I grew up attending a Jesuit school, so to me that was a pleasant surprise.

Forwarding dates on your local computer will stop you from receiving messages in Microsoft Teams. That's weird and is a significant flaw in my opinion, because Microsoft Outlook doesn't seem to have that problem.

Whatever is going on with the AC in my car, it was definitely triggering my allergies. Having shortness of breath while driving because my nose is clogged is not fun. Brought my car to the dealership to get the AC checked out.

A co-worker is leaving the company today. I'm sad. He's not part of our dev team, but he has made our lives so much easier with the work that he does. I wish him the best.

Busy day today. First up was Davin's haircut in the morning. He was mostly well behaved. He tried sitting on the Lightning McQueen seat, but did not like to get his haircut done on there, so I had to sit him on my lap. He did not cry at all during the haircut. He complained, but did not cry.

After Davin's haircut, we went to Chick-fil-A for breakfast. We had Davin play inside the playground. At first, he was all by himself, but later two other kids joined him. He waved and said “hi” to the new kids and began playing with them. He was scared of going up the steps in the playground, but followed the new kids. Just before we left, he found enough courage to explore the whole playground, climbing all the way up and crawling everywhere. He threw a big tantrum when we went home, because he didn't want to go home yet.

In the afternoon we got Davin registered for the “Mommy/Daddy and Me Soccer Clinic” at a local recreation center. Then Wifey dropped me off at the dealership to pick up my car.

My car's AC seems to be performing better. It seems to be blowing air consistently. I don't get that weird smell anymore. It's too early to tell if it has stopped triggering my allergies.

The service advisor also reminded me that my car will need a brake job soon. The front brake pads are covered under warranty. (This is one of the perks of getting your brakes done at a Mazda dealership; they will cover the cost of new brake pads even if brake pads are a “wear and tear” item.) The rear brakes haven't been serviced yet, so I will pay full price for that rear brake job.

In the evening, we had a family dinner at Gloria's. My youngest sister brought her boyfriend along. First time the family met her boyfriend, who seems like a decent guy. The plantains at Gloria's tastes just like the “rebosao” bananas that we used to enjoy in the Philippines, really good.

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