Journal Entry – 022

When you give away something for free, people aren't that motivated to pay for it. – This is in relation to open source software with a link for donations to the author. I cannot remember if that is a quote from someone or my own observation, but I do believe that statement is true.

Fuel efficiency / (Weight / Power) ratio might be a good metric for comparing “fun to drive” and fuel efficient cars. – I'll expand on this further on a separate post.

We begin to move under Jesus' standard when we join him in the living conviction that everything we have and are is God's gift. However much or little we have, we say gratefully, “Look at all God has given me.” – Joseph Tetlow, SJ

If everything I have or am is God's gift, then how can I be unhappy with my life?

This is why I think social media made me unhappy, because it nudged me towards comparing my life to someone else's. I need to stop looking at someone else's life and start looking at all that God has given me.

By chasing audience we lose the ability to be ourselves. By writing for everyone we write for no one. – Tom Critchlow

Link: Small b blogging

This was a good read.

Last Sunday we finally attended mass after a long time. It was also the first time that Davin sat inside with us. He left his iPad in the car and just played with his cars to keep himself entertained. He was really well behaved during mass.

An idea for restricting installation of apps or restricting the use of a browser on my smartphone, is to let the wife set the pass-code on my phone. – I'll expand on this further on a separate post.

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