Journal Entry – 020

More ideas for that text based combat game I mentioned in my previous entry:

Watched the Netflix documentary The Great Hack. If you need any more reasons to quit Facebook, then watch this documentary. At the very least, if you live in a democratic country, you should watch it to see how Facebook could be a threat to democracy. I'm not saying they are actively trying to undermine democracy. I'm saying you should inform yourself about their capabilities and what they have done with it in the past.

My biggest takeaway from it is, people need to be mindful of the possibility of their behavior being influenced by the feed on Facebook. If there is an election coming for instance, you should quit Facebook, or at the least, avoid it until the election is done. This is so that your judgement will not be influenced by what you see on your feed.

Light blue dress shirts pair really well with dark gray/charcoal dress pants. And of course you need to be wearing brown shoes with that outfit.

I read that the Netflix show “Dark” was really good, so I tried watching it. It started out with a suicide scene, then a sex scene. Nope, not my kind of show.

You need sleep after learning, to essentially hit the save button on those new memories so you don't forget. But recently we've discovered that you also need sleep before learning. Almost like a dry sponge to suck up new information. Without sleep, the brain becomes essentially water logged. – Matthew Walker

Yes I know I need more sleep. I should probably buy that guy's book too, Why we Sleep.

Started watching the Netflix show Wu Assassin. The fighting scenes are really good. That fight in the hallway in the pilot episode, was spectacular.

Tried on the Massimo Mateo penny loafers I got from Zappos. They are a little too big even at the usual size I buy shoes for. I have returned it. Once I get the refund, I'll try to order another. – A couple of things I love about Zappos. It is easy to order, they ship really quickly and it is very easy to return items. Their customer service is pretty good too. Note that they are owned by Amazon, just FYI.

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