Journal Entry – 019

Trying out a new thing today. It is hard to drive my Speed3 while wearing my black dress hoes, so I decided to use my Puma slip-ons for driving and brought my dress shoes in a paper bag to the office. I changed shoes when I got to my desk. (This should also stop my dress shoes from wearing out faster due to driving a stick-shift car.)

“The Climb” by Bilmuri, great cover!

Don't know if I just didn't notice before, but the Australian pop-rock scene seems to be getting better and better. Just found another good band, Stand Atlantic.

Stand Atlantic's cover of Taking Back Sunday's “MakeDamnSure” is so, so good!

These Lee Extreme Comfort Refined Pants (dress pants) are so comfy! I should buy more of these.

A tip I found online – when traveling, make photocopies of Ids like passports and put them in your wallet. Keep the originals safe in a secure area, like in a hotel. You can also take photos and save them in a secure cloud based service like OneDrive. That way you can show a copy of it via your phone.

Some ideas for a text based combat game:

Charcoal colored pants look really nice with dark brown leather shoes.

OODA Loop stands for Observe, Orient, Decide and Act.

An idea I had is to create a Game of the Generals game using C# and WPF.

Tried a new lunch combo today to try and save money. The fish sticks and fried rice from Costco make a good combo.

Wrote a monthly journal entry but ran out of time to finish it. There's just so much daily logs to go through. And trying to write a journal entry at the same time time, just takes too much time. I might have to do a part 2 journal entry, or switch to a weekly format to keep up. – I should have switched to a weekly format back then. I could have avoided having to do a daily journal entry post to catch up.

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