Journal Entry – 016

Jesus is not offering a doctrine, a theology or a set of beliefs. He is offering himself. He's saying, “Walk in my path; enter into the world that I have opened up.” – Daily Gospel Reflection from Bishop Barron

He has already shown the way. All I have to do, is follow.

I need to remember to take more pictures. Not for posting online, but for keeping memories.

A trick to help the wife zip up her dresses, is to use a large binder clip (those black metallic ones) to hold the top of the unzipped dress close together, so that it is easier to zip up the whole dress starting from the bottom.

Was looking at Vanguard Index Funds for the wife. It looks like she will need a minimum of $1,000 to get one of their target date retirement funds. She will need $3,000 for their other index funds. Fidelity doesn't require a minimum investment to open an account with them, but the expense ratios for the Vanguard Index Funds are much lower.

Late birthday dinner for my mom at Saltgrass Steak House. Their Chicken Tortilla Soup is always good. Got the Pat's Ribeye instead of my usual order of Prime Rib. Not bad, though next time I want it “well done”.

Cannot emphasize enough the value of unit tests when writing code. It will easily help you spot an issue with the new code that you are most likely overlooking.

I've just rediscovered the band Matchbook Romance in Spotify. They were one of my favorite bands back then during my emo days.

Learned a new thing about budgeting from the Get Money book that I was reading. I should breakdown annual expenses and add them into the monthly budgets that I make.

An idea for saving money on weekday lunches is to bring the fried rice or ramen from Costco and pair it with a fruit, like a banana or apple, so I will stay full longer after eating.

Drank some green tea today and it seems to have caused acid reflux. I feel something at the back of my throat. Well it feels like acid reflux. Like the esophagus opening up to allow acid to creep back up. That means I probably should stop drinking green tea. The consensus online is split on green tea. Some people are able to tolerate it. It seems like I'm not one of those people.

If I really want to use a Field Notes notebook as a bullet journal, I can use magnetic bookmarks to track the pages since these notebooks don't come with ribbon markers.

In trying to improve my penmanship, I'm trying to write slower, trying to write bigger letters and trying to avoid cursive.

An idea I had for my work journal is to make a monthly summary, listing what I worked on and any accomplishments I've made.

I have a theory about why reminders on a bullet journal are more effective than reminders on a smartphone – when I add reminders on a phone, it's as if my mind shuts off and doesn't bother to remember them because it knows my phone will remind me later. Of course, since I'm trying to use my phone less, sometimes I don't even see the reminders before it's too late. Or sometimes I just totally miss out on the reminders. However, when I write down reminders/tasks on my bullet journal, I feel like my brain actually allocates space to have me remember what I need to do later during the day. So to me, it seems to be more effective from that perspective.

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