Journal Entry – 014

Since my penmanship is bad, I like to think it is slowly improving though my wife says otherwise, I now think I should continue writing journal entries on here because that will be easier for people to read. Actually this online journal is a digital representation of a subset of the entries that are found in my bullet journal.

Sister accidentally dropped a wine bottle in the kitchen. After cleaning up the bigger pieces of broken glass, I found that turning off the lights in the kitchen and swinging around a small light source, like a spotlight, can help spot the smaller bits and pieces of broken glass via reflection. This helped me pick them up so that Davin won't accidentally step on them. It would have been easier to just use a vacuum, but Davin is still occasionally scared of loud sounds so we just avoid using it for now.

I could not find any chords online for the song “Better” by SafetySuit. I did find chords for the song “Count On Me” by Default. It is actually pretty easy:

Mozilla created a website meant to be used to fool ad trackers. Awesome idea haha. You can find it here.

Finally bought a decal for my car, I got the TMGPS Stacked Vinyl Decal. If you are into manual transmission cars, you should definitely check out The Manual Gearbox Preservation Society.

I'm thinking of another way of tracking exercises on my bullet journal. I think I can add a calendar type diagram on the Monthly Log page and log my exercises there, as opposed to logging them on my daily journal entries only.

I am trying out a new strategy at work, based on info I read from the book Deep Work. I am limiting my email checks to the 30 minute mark of every hour. So if it is 9:01 AM right now, I cannot check my inbox until 9:30 AM. If it is 10:40 AM right now, I cannot check my inbox until 11:30 AM.

An idea I have is to include “Gratitude” entries in my daily logs. Maybe start the first entry for the day with what I am thankful for.

I was trying to dry up my runny nose with tissue paper. After doing so, I got a little dizzy. That hasn't happened in a long time. That used to happen more often in the past, when I had some bad eyestrain. I don't know if I have eyestrain right now, but my eyes do feel dry and I know I lack sleep. I need to take care of myself and make sure this doesn't progress to the same level of eyestrain I had years ago.

Went for an afternoon walk. It was hot and humid outside. My heart rate went up to 153 bpm because of the heat. I need to keep doing this though, so my body will acclimate to the heat here in Texas. (Again note that these are journal entries from back in July... It is actually cool and chilly now in Texas.)

Attended a big family event. Lots of people were invited and showed up, so it was a good chance to see how Davin would behave in an event like that. He did fairly well. He kinda hid himself behind games on a phone, but he didn't cry and he actually went inside to sit at our designated table. The key was to carry him inside so he would just go along with us. Also, for some reason, Davin is scared of elevators. So, I had to carry him up and down the stairs >_<

It took me forever to tie a neck tie when I was getting ready for the event we attended. I don't normally wear ties to work. Dress shirt yes, but no neck ties. I need to practice putting on a neck tie, with the wife suggesting using a neck tie to work maybe once a week.

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