Journal Entry – 010

Prior to this entry, most of my journal entries have been impromptu ones, where I just sit down and write about what happened during the day. This marks the first journal entry where I'm working off entries exclusively from my Bullet Journal. Since I took a more than one month break from writing journal entries, I'm working off older Bullet Journal entries from months ago. This just means that the publish dates on these entries, will not necessarily reflect the dates the journal entries were originally written in. With that said, picking up from where I left off...

I was looking for bolt-action pens to use with my Bullet Journal. I didn't end up getting one, but I did find a nice site, that sells a nice selection of EDC gear. No this is not a sponsored post, just sharing the site.

In addition to looking for bolt-action pens, I was also looking to get a slimmer wallet. I have this Card Wallet by Anson Calder on my short list. Again this is not a sponsored post, just sharing.

Had a late Father's Day dinner at Red Lobster. Stuffed mushrooms were great. Davin surprised us all when he ate the spicy Calamari. Their Clam Chowder soup was just okay, not as good as the one that you can only get on Fridays at Panera.

In my quest to find better pens to use for writing, I tried the Pilot G-2 with the 0.38m tip. It was good in that it didn't smear, but it just wasn't a good writing experience. Compared to the 0.7m tip, it felt like I was scratching the paper when writing. I didn't like it at all. I also tried the 0.5m tip and didn't like it too. Nothing wrote as smooth as the 0.7m tip, the only problem was the smearing.

I eventually did find a really good pen and that was the quick drying Zebra Grand Sarasa pen. Metal casing with nice color options. It writes really smoothly and the ink does dry quick. I have two of these pens, one in black and another in gold (which kinda looks like a brass pen, sort of).

I mentioned in my digital declutter findings that I finished reading the book The Five People You Meet in Heaven. What I didn't say was how blown away I was by the book. It was a really good book in my opinion.

I was trying to improve my penmanship during the digital declutter phase. I tried writing in all caps, tried writing in cursive, tried mixing the two styles together but nothing really improved my penmanship except trying to write slower.

My problem was that I was writing too fast. Too fast in the sense that while I was writing one letter, it seemed like my fingers were already trying to write another letter and another and another... It all ends up being a mess. My wife says I think too fast. That's not a problem with a keyboard as I can type fast, but it is very much a problem when writing. My hand just cannot keep up with my brain. Writing slower was the only way I could make my penmanship look better.

I tried reorganizing my notes in OneNote. I elected to “move pages” to other sections of the notebook. That was a bad idea. I lost a few pages doing so, because for some reason OneNote ran into a syncing error. Lesson learned, next time I should just copy the pages, then confirm that they copied correctly before deleting the original pages.

I don't know what it is with the TV show Grey's Anatomy, but whenever my wife is watching it, I just can't help but watch it too. I don't even have an interest in the medical field, or medical dramas. The show just hooks me in. It is just so good. The dialogue, the story, the characters, the life lessons, just a wonderful show.

A week or two into the digital declutter phase, I finally decided what pocket notebooks to buy. I was nearly swayed to get the Moleskine Notebooks which were available at Target and Barnes & Noble, but getting the Field Notes Pitch Black Memo Book and Notebook was worth it. The quality of the paper is really good. It absorbs ink better but doesn't bleed, unlike the paper in Moleskine notebooks. I think that's what makes it more resistant to ink smears.

I did buy a Moleskine notebook, specifically I got the limited edition 007 notebook that I use as a work journal. I thought it would be a good conversation starter, but honestly no one at the office has noticed the notebook. I see more people eyeing my Zebra Grand Sarasa Pen, than my limited edition notebook. That said, I'll still probably continue to purchase them for use as work journals. I got my eye on the Lord of the Rings limited editions for next time.

The garlic and cheese sticks from Trader Joe's were pretty meh. The chicken from El Pollo Loco though, now that was really good!

I don't remember why I wrote them down, but I specifically listed these two “must read” books in my Bullet Journal:

I still have a backlog of books to go through, so I don't even know when I'll get to them. I'm currently reading the book Get Money by Kristin Wong. I also still have two books in my backlog, King of Thorns and An Echo of Things to Come, both of which I'm really looking forward to reading. The mailman also dropped off The Simple Path to Wealth that I got when Barnes & Noble had a sale. I haven't even unboxed it yet...

After a week where I successfully played video games in the morning while watching my son sleep and waiting for my wife to get ready, Davin woke up one morning, probably because the light from the TV was too bright. I almost ended up getting to the office late because he wouldn't let me get ready. We had to trick him to get him into the wife's car so she can take him to daycare. I felt bad because he thought I was going with him. After that event, I have stopped playing video games in the morning. I now just read a book instead or browse the web.

Here's the truth: If you're unhappy before you retire early, it's likely that you'll still be unhappy after you retire.

I can't remember where I read that, but I thought it was good to remember. I used to want to retire early, but lately I think I would just be bored if I did. I would like to keep writing code until the day I retire.

I think I'll stop here. I have more daily logs to go through but this entry seems large enough as it is. I also already spent more than an hour writing this. I'll catch up on my next journal entry, a month from now.

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