Journal Entry – 009

Probably one of my last online journal entries before I take the 30 day break for the digital declutter phase. I'm typing this out while holding on to a guitar. That's what limiting videogames to 1 hour and removing browsers from my phone did, it gave me ample time to play a guitar.

I started out by searching for chords, for songs from The Beatles. Played In My Life first, then Help, then Let It Be and on and on until I went past 1 hour playing the guitar. Also just wanted to say that pop songs today, don't hold a candle to songs from the past. You get at most what, 4 different chords in one song nowadays? My brain and my left hand got a workout trying to play all those A7/G, Bm7, F6 and other forgotten chords from the 60s/70s.

My fingers are aching and I'm sure tomorrow they will start peeling, but it's all good. I haven't sat down to properly play a guitar in years. It feels good to be able to do this again.

A funny event earlier today during my lunch break. I was waiting for my order to be ready at a restaurant while having to find a way to entertain myself. Usually I would use my phone to pass the time, but without Instagram and a browser, I was left with nothing. I tried to open the Kindle app, but it had to download the app first and the LTE connection was slow, so it didn't really work. I ended up just trying to entertain myself by looking at the menus and observing people. Somehow I survived until I got my order. The plan is to have a pocket book with me, or an ebook ready on the Kindle app for the next time I find myself in a similar situation. Or I guess I can just do what I did today, sit there in solitude and just soak in the real world.

Sorry I'm working my way backwards here. I've been going to work on time/early for the past few weeks, so this morning I actually didn't use Apple Maps at all. I took the opportunity to listen to an NPR news podcast on Spotify. This was an attempt to find an alternate way of consuming news without having to look at a screen. I'm not sold on it. I had to crank up the volume, but even then sometimes I couldn't hear or understand what the host was saying. I'll try it out for a few more days before deciding on another method of getting news.

Actually it seems like I'm ready for this digital declutter phase. I already have the rules posted, I already have my phone ready, I've even started doing some of it today, so I'll just start my digital declutter phase tonight. This will be my last journal entry for now. See you again on the 20th of July.

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