Game Log | PES 2019 – 006 🎮⚽

This is what my typical lineup looked like, during a game in the 2022-2023 Master League season in PES 2019. This is what my typical lineup looked like, during a game in the 2022-2023 Master League season.

Had an amazing game against FC Barcelona.

Due to the way they were defending, I couldn't keep the ball in the center of the field. Once I pass the ball to my AMF, he would have just a few seconds before he is dispossessed. It's just not enough time to build up an attack. So, I tried a different way of attacking. I went from sending short passes into the center of the field, to lobbing through balls over their defenders.

I noticed that Goios times his runs perfectly. But even after a perfectly timed pass, Goios is just not fast enough to get to the ball before the defender clears it away. This happened 2-3 times before I realized, it is not going to work with Goios. That's because Goios only has a Speed rating of 70.

So, at the 55 minute mark, I decided to take Goios out and brought in K. Gameiro — one of my more promising strikers. The important thing to note here is that Gameiro has a Speed rating of 90. That makes him the fastest player on my team.

Now with Gameiro in the game, I tried the same passes I was using between Goios and Castledine, which were 1-2 lob passes over the defenders. The first time I tried it with Gameiro, I knew it was going to result in a goal later on. Gamerio was fast enough to get some separation between him and the defenders on the initial run. He's also fast enough that he could get to the ball with an opportunity to take a shot at goal. This meant that the defenders were now focusing on him, which opened up spaces behind for my other players to fill in.

After a couple more tries, I eventually scored a goal to put my team up 1-0. Then another goal came via the same tactic, to put us up 2-0 against Barcelona. On both of those goals, Gameiro made the pass that led to the goal. The decision to bring him in early in the second half paid off.

This is what my lineup looked like for the start of the 2022-2023 Master League season in PES 2019.

This is also an indicator that Goios — whose stats are now slowly dropping because of his age — might no longer be good enough to play against elite level teams. You can see in the screenshot above that his overall rating is only 70. My newest signing Gameiro is at 78.

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